Monday, February 27, 2012

Gone Coastal.....with decor!

Living in Atlanta for many years, my décor style for the most part was French Country/ Ralph Lauren-esque mountain lodge. We were nearer the mountains, of course. Upon moving back to New Orleans in 2008, I totally acquired a taste for Southern Coastal décor. Though my collection of antique antler trophies still occupy their territory, my décor has since taken on a classic coastal tone.

Anyone who knows me realizes quickly how much I love a beach. So I guess it is just natural for my décor style to emulate my favorite hobby. From pillows to pictures, from picture frames to vignettes, from napkins to plates, you can certainly say I’ve gone somewhat coastal. As you saw in my post last week, I am in love with Southern bird oils, but there are lots more coastal influences around my home.
Take a peek and see if you can find the coastal influences (some subtle, some not so much) Enjoy!…

Go Coastal, y’all!


  1. OMG, I love it all and love how no matter what "season" you are celebrating, you transform your home into a showcase. I think you need to contact Southern Living and/or Coastal Living to feature your home in one of their issues--seriously! :)

  2. You have some beautiful things and a wonderful sense of 'display'--thanks for sharing!


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