Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Lent

As the Lenten season begins, many Catholics from all around make the annual decision to “give up” something. This got me thinking. What should this good Catholic (no laughing) boy “give up” this Lenten season?
Should it be….
Diet Coke (my drink of choice) ???

Chips (salty, over sweet) ???

Reese’s Peanut Butter cups (guilty pleasure…never eat just one) ???

Alcohol (what? no cocktail pics on facebook?) ???

Reality TV shows (No NeNe. No Abby Lee. No fist pumps. No way!) ???

Yelling (Jeff says I yell too much. I say I just have a loud tone.LOL.) ???

But, I think rather than “giving up” something this Lent which is so hard for me to do I will instead set out to exercise more and drink more water.

And what will you “give up” this Lenten season?  Or better yet, what do you plan to do?
Please comment below and let me know.
Happy Lent, y'all!


  1. Do J a favor and give up the yelling. I've experienced it and its nothing nice....the bulletin board...ha....Be nice "on lent"

  2. Jean--- Get to work! Slams door! Lol!


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