Friday, February 24, 2012

For the Birds.....Southern Birds, that is!

As you know, I am in love with all things Southern as atested in my past blog post On Being Southern and my page My Southern Style.  A number of followers and friends of my blog have noticed the vivid oil paintings in many of my home pictures and have asked me to feature these oils in a future blog. Well, today is your lucky day. Today, I feature the beautiful Southern bird oils hanging in various rooms of my home.

After my mom’s stroke in Fall of 2009, I was going back and forth from NOLA to Thibodaux on a weekly basis. BFF DTW of Chic Chateau asked me if I would be interested in doing some work to help the store out with a client or two. I jumped at the chance since I’d been spending many days and nights in Thibodaux. I fell in love with the array of bird oils available in the shoppe. Much of my paychecks went to purchasing these magnificent oils. I am in love with my vast collection.
The oils are all handpainted by various artists. Many are commissioned by Chic Chateau.  They are all purchased from a Fine Art Co. that commissions artists to paint requested subject matter. Chic Chateau requests southern birds, landscapes, jazz, southern themes, etc. DTW has also sent photographs to be painted. A few years ago she also submitted a photo of Thibodaux’s own Saint Joseph Co-Cathedral and had several painted.
 Chic Chateau "hand" picks many oils at trade shows or from detailed photographs.
I hope you enjoy these lovely Southern bird oils as much as J & I do.

You can see many more Southern Bird oils and other selections by going to Chic Chateau's facebook page...
Simply click here: Chic Chateau's Facebook page

Heeeeey, LK.... Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. Love those oils, and I know Chic Chateau appreciates the advertisement! :=)

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