Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Flashback..... My Front & Rear Porch at Wisteria Hill

As I continue my love for the pleasures of the front porch, today I flashback to Wisteria Hill, my Atlanta home. The joy and excitement that a front porch brings is equaled to the satisfaction given by a back porch or patio.
In today’s post, I feature my Atlanta home’s front porch and the rear patio.

Upon moving to the newly built house in 2004 in the trendy West Midtown, I quickly found furniture, a rug, planters, and ferns to completely fill the space. The large cast iron urns were purchased from one of my Atlanta favs, Hill Street Warehouse. The “wicker” loveseat and chairs were ordered from I am a firm believer that a front porch or rear patio should mirror what’s going on inside the home. The addition of a lamp, an indoor/outdoor rug (Frontgate), and accessories complete the look. The wreath is one of my custom designs.
Check out:

The spring after we moved in, J and I decided to get plans and tackle the landscape design of the rear yard. First thing was a custom fence, second were the plantings of Leland cypresses and Natchez white crepe myrtles, third came the larger, fluid –shaped patio and custom arbor. All building and landscape work was completed by Top Hat Nursery.  The patio was then surrounded by rows of boxwoods, our sugar kettle/pond, and a charming herb garden filled with rosemary, thyme, and basil. The back patio soon became the neighborhood gathering spot. Many cocktails and bar-b-qs later, the rear patio felt like “home”.

Designing the perfect look of the patio consisted of long cotton drapes from IKEA, a granite dining table and chairs from Lowe’s, a fountain from a local Atlanta nursery, concrete rounded benches from Lowe’s, umbrellas from Pier 1, pillows from Pottery Barn and Frontgate, and glass cloches from Hill Street. A clock from now defunct Smith & Hawken and transferware plates complete a rear wall of the home. A small accent table from Frontera completes the vignette. From the arbor  an outdoor chandelier from Target was hung. An outdoor lamp was also added. Hanging baskets of macho ferns from Pike’s Nursery filled several spaces and added the greenery I so admire. The indoor/outdoor rugs are from Frontgate at Phipp’s Plaza. The patio changed with the seasons and always complemented the interior of my home.

Friends, neighbors, and family alike seem to love our gatherings. There is nothing better to me than a perfect spring day to share conversation, cocktails, and laughter.
Here are more pictures of our front porch and rear patio at Wisteria Hill:

Linger more, y’all!


  1. Ron, This is such a beautiful patio and garden! I can see how much love and work went into creating this gorgeous space.

  2. Hi Ron.
    Your patio is Gorgeous looks like you have put a lot of work into your garden also.
    I am one of your newest follower on your blog but you have not follow me back "" As a blogger of three years. I was toll if some one follows and adds a comment on your post it is nice to join them also. Happy New Year.

  3. OMG! What a gorgeous space. I want to relax right there, Ron and J.

  4. Your backyard was immaculate! That looked like a beautiful area to relax and entertain in.

  5. Such a beautiful space - it would be hard to leave for work! Jane

  6. Love all the areas for conversation! Great for entertaining, love all the garden decor.....

  7. Hello, Mr. Blue Eyes! Oh, Ron, your porch and patio were so gorgeous. I can see all of the planning and work that went on to make them so special! I know you have to miss these wonderful spaces just a little bit! :) Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Oh I love your back patio area! Very nicely done!

  9. Wow...gorgeous is almost an understatement Ron! How I love looking at all that greenery! Can't wait until old man winter lets up on us here in the NE.
    XO Barbara

  10. My favorite pictures on Pintress! Wish you lived closer to Illinois, I would hire you! We have the same outside color scheme going on. Nice touches!

  11. Wow Ron- your whole yard, porches and home were fantastic. The grass is groomed to perfection. Love every detail- even the cloche's on the tabletops. You are such a talented decorator with exquisite taste! I know you love where you live now but darn this must have been hard to have left!

  12. Wisteria Hill looks like a beautiful home - I really like the columns.

  13. Oh Ron, your Atlanta gardens were incredible! I see so many aspects of this outdoor space that I love and would love to replicate. I can tell y'all must have spent a lot of time out there. We sure would! We are building a pond in our backyard right now and the mess is driving me crazy. Can't wait to get back to our normal, more groomed look.

    Thanks so much for joining the garden party. We will be doing this again in a month.

  14. What a beautiful pond. Thank you so much for linking up to the Garden Party. Your garden is completely enchanting!

  15. Your patio is truly inviting! I agree that our outdoor space should be an extension of our homes. I was planning on making drapery panels out of drop cloth to hang in the corners of our pergola. Thinking I might just go check out IKEA first. Thanks for sharing with the Garden Party!

  16. Beautiful and relaxing space! If you do not mind, I may 'borrow" a few of your ideas!


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