Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sugar Kettle.....not for sugar anymore!

A number of followers have commented on my sugar kettle that I use as a pond. Given to me years ago by Honey and my sis while in Atlanta, the sugar kettle has made for an enjoyable water feature. My sugar kettle is made of fiberglass. I always admired my Paw and Maw Carrier’s iron one. I wonder where that kettle ended up.
In Atlanta, the sugar kettle was complete with several goldfish (my pets) and water lilies. It completed the landscape just off our rear patio. Surrounding the pond were ferns, boxwoods, and seasonal annuals.

Once back in New Orleans, I moved the sugar kettle to the front yard as the backyard already featured a brick pond built into the existing courtyard. As you can see, I do not have anything in it as I just cleaned it out. It was full of oak pollen just a few days ago. It is a wonder what a lil rain can do to wash the pollen out of the air. The kettle sits in my front garden surrounded by Indian hawthorns, a salvaged hydrangea bush from the property, Aztec grass, kettle leaves, and of course many seasonal annuals. I tried to put goldfish my kettle in NOLA, but the birds or cats are way too fierce. It makes a great sounding water feature with the addition of a fountain. It is a perfect complement to rocking away on the front porch.

The sugar kettle has certainly been one of my favorite gifts.


  1. We saw an amazing sugar kettle on Barbados. Very large and ornate. Pics to follow. We thought of you as soon as we saw it

    -Michael and Joe

  2. Sugar kettles are great for landscape planters, water fountains, fish ponds, or even fire pits. Check out for inspiration ideas and where to get them.


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