Monday, April 30, 2012

Bottle Sox by Southern Tide

I have enjoyed Southern Tide’s polos, tees, caps, visors, coozies, and more for some time now. But I was as happy as a lark to receive a new “gift” yesterday by Southern Tide.

I love a good COLD, bottled beer and was happy as pie to be gifted Southern Tide’s newest Bottle Sox. Thanks MAC! The bottle sox is actually made of sweater-like material and fits snugly over any bottle beverage. It is quite the style statement and of course very Southern. The bottle sox is available on the Southern Tide website.

Local businesses that carry Southern Tide and its products include Perlis in New Orleans & Johnny's Men's Shop in Thibodaux.

And I cannot wait to get a great beach towel for my pool & beach time this summer.

Make it a bottled beer, y’all!


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