Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Casablanca Lily

One of my favorite SCENTsational flowers is the Casablanca lily. If I am arranging an arrangement for a party, a gathering, or simply enjoying them in a favorite vase, the Casablanca lily is a favorite go-to choice.

The scent is unmistakable, and the blooms are pure perfection. White blends with any and all d├ęcor.

I discovered that as far as the symbolic meaning of Casablanca lily is concerned, it reveals celebration. Unlike other flowers that are associated with more than one meaning, Casablanca is unique with a single accepted meaning.
Casablanca lilies along with many other beautiful blooms belong to the lily family. Developed as a hybrid of the oriental lilies, they are well-known for their magnificent blooms and irresistible fragrance. When maintained under favorable growth conditions required for the variety, a fully opened Casablanca bloom measures to about 10 inch in diameter.
I frequently pick up a pack or two at my local Whole Foods which rarely has these beauts out of stock. I love to combine them with hydrangeas of any color. And I always like to use unique containers as vases.
Here are several arrangements I have arranged for various occasions in the past:

Just remember to remove the anther because the pollen grains do stain. They turn anything they touch yellow.
Pick up some Casablanca lilies, y’all!

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  1. Ron, Love your vignettes with the lilies. I rarely see Casablancas in the store..gotta check out some place besides WalMart. LOL
    Our nearest Whole Foods is about 45 min away. Hmmm, I just may have to take a little road trip.


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