Thursday, May 3, 2012

Uptown Acorn Eats {Magasin Vietnamese Restaurant}

J & I kept hearing from various neighbors how good the newest restaurant addition to Magazine Street was. Finally, we made it there this week with our neighbors, Paul & Sarah. Magasin Vietnamese Restaurant did not disappoint.
Located on the corner of Magazine Street and Milan Street, Magasin is very unassuming. It looks like many of the restaurants on the outside, but it is very modern and sleek once you step inside.
Since the weather was so gorgeous, we decided to sit outside.
The service started off a little shaky but soon progressed to the correct rhythm.
Paul & Sarah had been before, so they suggested we try the shrimp spring rolls. Good choice. Let me just say, they were fresh and scrumptious.
I had not had a great Bahn Mi sandwich since my Atlanta days. I decided to have two of them- one pork and the other lemongrass chicken. I liked the pork better filled with parsley, cilantro, jalapenos, and fresh carrots. The bread was delicious and buttered prior to being filled. Yummy!
The others dined on chopped filet mignon and a vietnamese crepe. All raved.
Just an FYI…. the establishment does not have their liquor license to date, but we did bring our own beer and wine. Cheers! There is also a great outdoor patio out back with music.
All in all, the meal was awesome. The taste was extremely fresh. I could not believe the bill was only $50.00 for us 4. We will be back really soon!
Magasin Vietnamese Restaurant is a wonderful, fresh addition to our walkable neighborhood dining establishments.
More Magasin, y’all!
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  1. Going to have to try this place the next time I go to Magazine Street! :)


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