Saturday, June 23, 2012

Large Oyster Shell Lantern {Wisteria}


I have been watching and wishing for the large oyster shell lantern from Wisteria for years. Last year when I tried to order the lantern, it was unavailable for months(out of stock for 6 months). So recently, after receiving a Wisteria catalog, I noticed the lantern was offered for $149.00 (still a bit steep), but I thought I remembered the lantern had earlier sold in the ball park of $189.00.


Well? Lo and behold, I received an email from Wisteria last week about an upcoming weekend sale. The lantern was offered for $119.00 and an additional 20% discount for adding the promotional code ADD20 at checkout. Score! I quickly placed the order before they were gone again for months.


I checked out and the large oyster shell lantern was mine and for less than $100.00. Today, the lantern sells for $149.00. Check it out: Click here!

It arrived last Wednesday all in one piece. I am always worried about the oyster pieces from retailers as they are very fragile and can break easily if not packaged properly during shipping. Kudos to Wisteria for 3 for 3!

I quickly set it up in the den creating a new vignette with it on an end table. Two battery powered, remote controlled wax candles were placed inside the lantern.


I have three oyster pieces from Wisteria- the mirror, a votive candle holder (no longer offered), and now the lantern. All have arrived in perfect condition.



It is always a pleasure dealing with my friends from Wisteria.

Let it glow, y’all!


  1. Love it all, as usual beautiful vignettes--you sure know how to showcase your beautiful things! I think I recognize that platter on the table with the lantern.

  2. Your oyster shell lantern is great looking and, lucky you to get it at a good price. :) I LOVE your mirror and votive holder too.. The mirror really is a beautiful piece.

  3. I've admired that mirror for eons!! Love all your pieces - real statement makers!

  4. Hi! You have such a beautiful home. I have visited your blog before but did not leave a comment, just admired your wonderful decorating skills and lovely spaces but stayed silent. Silent no more! That lantern is a great score at the price and such a unique piece. It fits in perfectly with your decor. Don't you love it when a plan comes together? (Paraphrase from the old A-Team, ha ha, loved that show and especially George Peppard!) That's a rhetorical question, of course :)

  5. Your vignette is lovely and I am happy that you are happy with Wisteria. I have had the worst luck with them. My items were of such poor quality and pricey that I wondered what the buyer had been thinking. I wrote and got no answer. I was in the hospital - unrelated to the bad retail experience and it was too late to send anything back. I should have read the comments. I guess they could specialize in oyster items because you hit the jackpot. They have a great photographer too. Never again.

  6. Hey Ron that's a great lantern! Wisteria does have nice things!


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