Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hubig’s Pies {say it isn’t so}


Beignets. Chickory Coffee. Hubig’s pies. Iconic tastes of New Orleans!



Early yesterday morning, the “naturally n’awlins” Hubig’s Pie Factory building burned to the ground. Hubig’s Pies have been around for as long as I can remember. My Pappy used to pick these up for us from local convenient stores when he picked up his stash of cigars and probably a lil “juice”. LOL! Hubig’s Pies bring back great childhood memories.

burned facade

A total loss (from WWLTV): Click here!

From the Hubig’s Pie website:

“Simon Hubig began his baking career at the tender age of six, learning from his mother. Fast forward 100 years and two New Orleans families have also made baking pies a family affair.
The Simon Hubig Pie Company was founded in Ft. Worth, TX at the start of World War I by master baker Hubig. One of several plants in his southeastern chain, the New Orleans bakery opened in 1922 in its current Bywater location.  Hubig's chain faltered during the Depression and in the end, only the New Orleans location survived. And survive they do today.
Located in the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans just east of the historic French Quarter, the Simon Hubig Pie Company bakes all of their products daily, as in Hubig's original plant. Fresh, local ingredients are used. And "Savory Simon" is memorialized in the company logo.
Names and faces don't change too often at Hubig's. The Bowman and Ramsey families are in their second generations of owner and operators, with a third ready to take the helm.”

I was fascinated how facebook lit up this morning with many locals rushing and finding the last of the pies. Many stores sold out immediately upon opening. I have even seen many showing up for ridiculous prices on ebay.

My BFF Shannon found hers at a local convenient store…Score!


The good news is the the owners of the Hubig’s Pie Factory say that the factory will be back. I am personally so glad to hear that the Hubig’s Pie Factory will not end up like many iconic New Orleans business that “ain’t dere no mo” (K & B, Godchaux’s, D.H. Holmes, McKenzie’s, etc.}. Katrina flooded it. Fire burned it. Hubig’s Pies will be back.

My favorite is Sweet Potato. What is yours? Comment below!

Check out their website: Click here!

Hubig’s Pies, y’all!


  1. Founded in Fort Worth, home town! Sad that it burned. I never tried the pies but love N'awleans! :(

  2. I knew you would write a blog on the Hubig fire and pies. I tried to buy some yesterday morning but came up empty handed. :/ My favorites have always been the lemon and the apple. I am so glad that they will rebuild! :)

  3. So of the many great things about visitng NO is Hubig's pies. I always load up on then when I am there.....

  4. I have never been there, but I can sense your loss. It sounds like a wonderful place and great product they make. Glad to hear that they will re-build.

  5. Jeff, shame on you! We had one last week! Lemon is my fave!


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