Sunday, July 29, 2012

Living Southern


Upon reading Southern Living style, created & compiled by the editors of my favorite Southern Living magazine, I was inspired to show you how Southerners and myself define Southern style. Those of you that follow Uptown Acorn already know I totally adore Southern style and design. And thanks to BFF Debi for the lovely book.

In the coming weeks, inspired by Southern Living style, I want to show you how one defines Southern style and how I employ this is my own home.


What is Southern style?

Southern Living editors suggest that “the nuances can be hard to define, yet when you see a beautiful room, you know all the elements are there: The easygoing mix of formal and informal furnishings. A color scheme that soothes but never bores. Treasured art displayed in a casual way. Window treatments that waver somewhere between frilly and masculine. A pedigree rug, passed down through generations. A fine antique cozying up to a loosely slipcovered club chair. Taken together, the pieces add up to a graceful look that can only be known as Southern.” I could not agree more.

In coming weeks, check out my own take on the following:

  • color & patterns


  • fabrics


  • collections


  • monograms


  • wicker, rattan, cane, & bamboo


  • the hearth


  • luxe curtains


  • antiques


Live Southern everyday. I hope you join me in this journey of showing you, my followers & readers, how I incorporate my own Southern style throughout my home. I will also be inviting some of my blogger friends to show me (us) how he/she incorporates Southern style in their homes.

And a Happy Birthday to two BFFs, Michael & Richard! Cheers!

m and r

Southern style, y’all!


  1. Looking forward to those posts! :)

  2. You know the saying....American by Birth, Southern By the Grace of God"....thank you God for making me a G.R.I.T.S. girl! (I used to use that tag line on my blog title at one time and got a comment from a so-called "big" blogger (who wasn't southern) they found that "funny"...bless her heart!

  3. I can't wait to see more and more and more and more! I love Southern Style, too. Happy birthday to your friends! xo Diana

  4. As a Southern myself, I'm definitely going to have to pick up this book - love your style!


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