Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I heart Coffee Tawwwk! {More Alison Evans}


There is nothing better than summertime, vacations, or weekends to spend morning time enjoying some well deserved “coffee talk”. Whether it be in person, via phone, text, or internet, sharing morning conversation is fun and always a great start to any day.


I was fortunate lately to add to my collection of Alison Evan ceramics by picking up a set of coffee mugs and saucers ordered through Chic Chateau in Thibodaux. I have always loved being able to drink my morning coffee in a great mug. Alison Evans ceramics are by far some of the classiest and well made ceramics I have ever seen. I enjoy adding a lil class to my morning coffee “tawk”.

mug 6

I love the complimenting oyster saucer which accompanies each mug. Cute and classic, the abalone & tortoise mugs and saucers are the perfect additions to my growing collection by artist Alison Evans. Each is certainly a work of art.


Chic Chateau in Thibodaux has a great stock of Alison Evan ceramics. Check out their facebook page: Click Here!

mug 4

You can call my friends, the CHICsters, at the Chateau today for your very own, 985-449-1213. Ask for Debi, Ashley, or Ellen! They are most happy to ship your way…

mug 8

Check out my dk clay oyster mugs that I love too: Click here!

More Alison Evans, y’all!

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  1. Might have to visit the "Chicsters" this week. Need to pick up a wedding present for a couple who didn't register anything. I think these coffee cups would be a very unique gift for them. While I'm there, I might just have to add to my collection, too! ;)

  2. There's nothing better than morning chat over coffee---and a special cup makes it even more so!

  3. those oyster mugs are very cool. i love my hot drinks so i'm always looking for a unique mug that's fun to use.

  4. Oh- Those are GREAT mugs, Ron. I love using great mugs for my morning coffee. I have one friend that only likes hers coffee served in the most delicate bone china....but I told her we could stay friends anyway!;>) xo Diana

  5. I'll bet your beautiful new cups and saucers make morning coffee twice as nice. Love the colors and shape.

  6. This I like. Just saying. I'm not hinting. Not something I want.


  7. Wow, great looking mugs - never seen anything like them :) Truly beautiful. Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  8. I agree, WOW, haven't seen anything like these mugs before. Great for coffee.

  9. Those are so beautiful....love those napkins too! Such a delightful way to start the morning :o)

  10. Hey, I just found your blog and I'm really enjoying it! The Alison Evans line is just gorgeous. I'm looking forward to adding to my tiny collection when I had to savannah. Love me some coffee tawk too!


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