Monday, July 9, 2012

Guest Feature at Dixie Delights, a blog affair


Today, I am so happy to have been invited to write a guest feature over at Dixie Delights. Mrs. Dixie Delights herself is a great friend and is the reason I started my blog experience, Uptown Acorn on January 1. Amanda has taught me so much about blogging. She answers every question(no matter how trivial) with utter patience.

Amanda photo

I will always cherish my Atlanta days of doing lunch with Amanda at Taqueria del Sol, dinner at JCT Kitchen, and our “Buckhead Betty” days of shopping til we dropped along with her sis, my BFF Melanie, at some of our favorite Atlanta haunts- Boxwoods, B.D. Jeffries, Love Street. I love Dixie Delights style and joy for life and family. She is a consummate entertainer. If any woman can “do it all”, Amanda can! And she does.




Hop on over to Dixie Delights to check out my guest feature: Click Here!

And while you are there be sure to take a “tour” around her great blog. Her own home posts are remarkable and inspiring. You also have to love a girl who has a love affair with the oyster, too!

Thanks again, Amanda. I am so flattered that you respect my talents so much to feature me on your wonderfully popular blog.

I miss you and hope to see you soon!


Uptown Acorn

P.S. I also wish my BFF and Dixie Delights sister, Melanie, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Cheers!


Dixie Delights, y’all!


  1. Headed over there, and I'm now following Dixie Delights! I never get tired of looking at you and J's home. :)

  2. Awwww, you are too too kind! This was so unexpected and made my day! You are the best kind of friend a gal could dream of and I too cherish our long "decorating" lunches, parties and shopping excursions!! Miss u loads...xoxo

  3. Thanks for coming over by me and I will definitely be visiting Dixie Delights.
    Love your aesthetic AND that you live in New orleans, my fav place. My son spent FIVE years at Loyola so we were able to visit a lot and still do. New York, Paris, and New Orleans give me the same thrill- you never know what might happen!
    I am your newest follower ;)

    1. You blog name, preppyplayer, had me at "hello". I am a true Southern prep and have been all my life. Thanks for following! xo Ron

  4. What a great friend to have-She is a cutie!!! Have a great week, Ron- xo Diana

  5. Ron, just popped over to Dixie Delights. I always love seeing your fabulous home! You and Amanda have fabulous taste!

  6. Hi Ron, ALWAYS good to see you in "my neck of the woods"...I love, love, love Amanda, she is one of a kind, as I'm sure you know. My "dream team" of bloggers would be you, Amanda, and Kelly from you seen her blog yet? Wish we could have a meet and greet and shopping extravaganza...who knows, maybe we can make it come true!

    1. Thanks Judy. You are too sweet. I have not seen talk of home but will check it out soon. Make it happen:) xo

  7. Hi Ron, I'm your newest Louisiana follower!! I'm visiting from Dixie Delights. I love everything about your awesome home. It is pure perfection. :)

  8. Thank you for the bday shout-out!!! Ummm...if you plan a shopping extravaganza, you must include me :) Love you and can't wait for my next NOLA visit!!!! xoxo


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