Thursday, July 5, 2012

Loving Coastal Decor {What’s Up at Market}


Though I have not attended a design market in Dallas or Atlanta in years, I keep hearing from my design friends and on blogs that coastal influences and decor seem to have filled many showrooms. I set out to find some photos of items and showrooms that truly impress me. You know I adore coastal decor in both homes and beachy domains.

Here is what I found:

Barclay Buteras Seaside Inspired Interior


Barclay Buteras Coral lamps & console


Low Country’s Hanging Drum Shade Oyster Shell lantern


Low Country’s Oyster Shell votives


Working Compass table by Currey & Company


Detail of the apron of a Shell Console by Currey & Company

05-15-36_detail-of-the-apron-of-a-shell-console_420 currey & co

Water’s Edge Furniture Collection for HGTV

05-15-16_waters-edge-furniture-collection_420 HGTV

Nautical Chandelier from Jamie Young


Whitney Chair from Lily Pulitzer Home


Lexington Home Aqua Lacquer side chest


Vintage 1950s Blue Duck boat cushion from Genesee River Trading Co.

05-15-11_vintage-1950s-blue-duck-boat-cushion_420 Genesee River Trading co

How do you use coastal influences in your home?

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Lovin’ the coastal offerings, y’all!


  1. I'm thinking that someone needs to give you one of those oyster shell votives and/or the oyster hanging lantern for Christmas, Ron! :) Hint, hint--Honey and Jeff!

    1. I am thinking the same thing, Ginger! xo

  2. Ron, Love the coral lamps..and your oyster shell votive holders.
    Question: when you decorate with the oyster shells..if you get them from the fish market, do you have to deal with the "essence of the sea" smell?..or do you do something special to clean them? Just wondering.

    1. Babs- I order from a source on ebay striaght from St. Simon's Island... They come to me washed. I have never experienced the "essence of the sea" smell. I am sure if you soak in clorox for a while that would help. xo Thanks for stopping by.


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