Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Isaac Makes Landfall...We are fine!

Good Morning, y'all.

J & I are currently staying at the Maison Dupuy in the historic French Quarter. The restaurant and bar are open for business.

J is busily working at the moment making certain that everything digital is A-OK with WWL-TV's website.  J is Director of Digital Media at WWL-TV, Louisiana's News Leader. He has been constantly fielding calls, putting out "fires", and making certain that the content side of the site is bringing you, the masses, the most up-to-date information through words and video.
WWL-TV's website streams live video bringing the most up-to-date coverage to all. Even without cable, the live streams are working great on computers and on mobile devices. What did we all do without all of this technology?

Check out WWL's website: Click HERE!
Check out WWL's Live video: Click HERE!

We are staying here another day and night. We have A/C. We have electricity. We have ample food and drink.

Keep all Southern Louisianians in your thoughts and in your prayers. Isaac is moving so slowly, so we still have a long time to go. The wind is crazy violent.

I am having my coffee tawk though I'd rather have my coffee in my oyster shell coffee mug on my sofa.

I hate to see pictures like this from an area south of New Orleans.

See more pictures on WWL-TV's facebook page
 and "like" WWL-TV: 
Click HERE!


Keep the faith, y'all!


  1. I'm home with power. I switched from coffee to Bloody Mary's hours ago! Thanks J for keeping us up to date. Stay safe, y'all! <3

  2. Ron, glad to hear that everyone is safe! I kept the TV on CNN all night! And you could not have picked a better spot to ride out the storm!!!

  3. Glad that y'all are safe! Prayers going out for everyone that was in Isaac's path!

    Jeanie from Missouri

  4. Ron, Glad y'all are ok and enjoying the comforts of Maison Dupuy. Take care and hope you'll be back home soon.

  5. thinking of everyone affected--stay safe!

  6. Saying prayers for everyone in Isaac's path! Glad you guys are safe!!

  7. Ron, I have been thinking of you during the storm and glad to hear you both are okay. I stayed at the Maison Dupuy for six straight months a number of years ago when I was working in New Orleans. Stay safe.

  8. So glad to hear that you are ok....and have drinks handy. I have watched Jim channel non stop! Sending more prayers..... stay safe!


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