Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Keep Calm…


You have all seen the signs, “Keep Calm and Carry On”. Right?

My motto for this school year is “KEEP CALM AND…” I think for teachers and students alike the motto is a great one. A shot of calmness during the always hectic days of school is always a pleasure.

I have used this sentiment on a number of bulletin boards throughout my science lab and hallway (By the way, our school’s mascot is the panther, hence the panther paws with student names.).




I was also lucky to find these great posters from a shop on etsy, Poster Pop. I love these. I hung one at each entrance of my classroom.



Did you know?

“It was 1939 and Britain was on the brink of war. In anticipation of this, the British Government’s Ministry of Information had commissioned a series of propaganda posters with messages from King George VI to reassure the British that their country would be defended at all costs.

The posters were to be displayed all over the country once war was declared. Using only the crown of King George VI, this poster simply read “Keep Calm and Carry On”; however, it never made it onto the walls of Britain and was never officially issued.

Many years later, a crumpled copy of the poster was discovered by chance amongst a pile of dusty old books. The message is as relevant today as it was then.”


I am looking forward to “keeping calm” this year.


KEEP CALM, y’all!


  1. What an interesting bit of British History! Thanks for the lesson. "Keep Calm and Push On" through the school year! Labor Day will be here before you know it. ;) P.S. Love your bulletin boards.

  2. Ron, All the best for your school year! Your bulleting boards are great! When I first started teaching, everyone made their borders. That checked one of yours reminded me of that. I bought vinyl on the rolls and made lots of different borders that I used throughout the year, and saved to use again. The paper ones would fade and look awful after a while, but the vinyl ones had bright colors and always looked good. The 1st day every year was always the most anxious..........not knowing exactly how the classes would be, even with the best planning. It is evident that you are a really great, enthusiastic teacher...glad that you returned to your "teaching roots."

  3. I love your posters! Hope that you have a great first week! Kepp Calm! :)

  4. Love to see your decorating expertise used in a classy classroom!! xoxo

  5. I love the whole "keep calm and carry on" idea, and how you've used it in your class room.
    Your bulletin boards are colorful and inspiring, and I can tell that you love teaching. Have a great school year and KC&CO. :)

  6. You,keep calm??? What a joke.


  7. Are YOU keeping calm? Somehow I imagine you as kind of an excitable, fun guy! xo Diana

  8. Love your bulletin boards. So colorful!

  9. Had I come over the other day, I wouldn't have asked what you teach. Love the story about the GB poster. Just like the Brits, short and to the point. I bet you have so much fun teaching the sciences. One of my adult grandsons has studied advanced sciences and he just loves soaking it in.
    I love to learn also but by evening I forgot what I learned in the morning. LOL!
    The weekend is coming. I am looking forward to my tour of NO.
    Hugs, Ginger

  10. I love the Keep Calm... bulletin boards. Can you tell me where you got the letter cutouts? Thanks, Salima


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