Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SPOOKtacular Carved Pumpkins {Southern Living}


Do you carve pumpkins? I have not carved a pumpkin for years as I prefer to keep mine in tact for the entire Fall season.


Southern Living online recently shared pictures of spooky, elegant, and jolly pumpkins.

Take a look at these masterfully carved pumpkins.

cookie-cutter-pumpkins-l exacto-pumpkin-l flower-pumpkin-l friendly-face-pumpkin-l ghost-pumpkin-l jolly-pumpkin-l kitty-pumpkin-l leaves-pumpkin-etch-l no-evil-pumpkins-l nose-hair-pumpkin-l polynesian-pumpkin-l pumpkin-luminaries-l pumpkin-tiger-eyes-l pumpkin-topiary-l skeleton-pumpkin-l spooky-castle-pumpkin-l spooky-word-pumpkin-l starry-night-pumpkin-l tux-pumpkin-l

I love how this pumpkin is used as a beer, wine, or champagne cooler. What a clever idea.


I love this wreath. Check out more Halloween wreaths: click HERE!


What an awesome window box! Gotta do this in the future.


This one is for my BFF Casey! He has Charleston on his mind.


Do you have a favorite?

Check out Southern Living online: click HERE!

Carved pumpkins, y’all!


  1. Good morning, Ron! I'm back in LA and enjoying my first cup of CC in my beloved oyster coffee mug since last Wednesday and reading your blog--:) Even though I read it everyday while in CA, it just wasn't the same without my CC in my favorite mug! ;) Anyway, I love the pumpkin carvings--saw the Pumpkin Carving Wars on Food Network last weekend--always amazing. I think my favorite one in your blog is the Starry Night one, because that is on of my favorite paintings! Have a great day! :)

  2. Ron, Such creativity! I love to see all these pumpkins and designs together!!!

  3. Lots of creative pumpkins here! I carved an intricate pattern once and found it to be a lot of work! Now, I also prefer to keep them in tact. Nice stopping by to visit!

    Kindly, Lorraine

  4. I'm like you Ron in that I choose not to carve my pumpkins either. That way they last through Thanksgiving. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying the creativity of others. These pumpkins are amazing! I love the window box too!

  5. These are amazing! When I do choose to carve, I only cut through the top layer and scrape it off so it leaves the yellow pulp show through. Stays longer that way. Happy Fall!!


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