Thursday, November 8, 2012

Accent {Cocktail} Table


I cannot tell you how much I have looked and longed for the perfect accent table to use near the sofa in the parlor. I have scoured the internet, searched antique stores, and checked all the chains.

Look at this beauty…


When guests are here sharing a cocktail, it is always difficult for them to place their drinks down on the rusch bench “coffee table”. Several I have looked at in the past were too tall, too wide, too round, too square, and just too much ($$$, that is!). I have a tray on one side which helps some, but a person at the other end of the sofa is always out of luck.



Well, I can finally tell you that I found the perfect one on One King’s Lane (OKL) recently. The base is metal, and the top is black marble. The black looks great with all the black accents in the room.


The table also adds a modern element to the parlor. I like to use one modern piece of furniture, lamp, or element in all my rooms. Things are kept quite interesting.

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My Dixie Belles need to come back soon, for now there is an adequate and stylish place to rest a cocktail or two.

By the way, have you commented on my Deen Team “audition” post? Check it out today. Thanks!


Cocktails and Accents, y’all!


  1. An elegant solution to a familiar problem. So much better than Helen's first thought, which is to tell people if they were circulating like proper guests they wouldn't have time to whine about where to put their drinks. Love my first visit to your blog and must follow.

  2. I love it Ron! It has sex appeal and that modern edge that I also strive for when decorating my home. Great choice!


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