Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Scentsational Scoop… Holiday by Nest Fragrance Co.


My seasonal Christmas blogs would not be the same without sharing my favorite Christmas/seasonal scents. I have several favorites, but my most favorite candle is Holiday by Nest.



Packaged in a beautiful red velvet box with gold print, this candle is as pretty to give as to receive.

The aroma of a sparkling holiday season is created by blending pomegranate, mandarin orange, pine, cloves and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla and amber. I cannot tell you how amazing this candle smells. The scent is intoxicating yet pleasing.

Locally, I purchased my Holiday candles at Sax Fifth Avenue (They are also available at Perch, a Magazine favorite.) I always stock up in early November because they sell out fast.


This year, I placed one Holiday candle in the NOLA toile tray in the parlor.

1 2

One three-wick Holiday candle rests in my oyster shell hurricane in the den.

photo_1 photo_4

Both candles when lit waft through the entire home, downstairs and upstairs.

I have a couple diffusers placed in the powder room and in the upstairs guest bath. I am not a huge fan of diffusers, but these are elegant and rather inexpensive.


I only purchase one of each every holiday season. They burn well and last a long time. Do not forget to always trim the wick before lighting.


3-wick Holiday candle $58.00

Classic Holiday candle $32.00

Holiday Reed diffuser  $34.00

Votives and votive packs are also available.


Nest Holiday candles, y’all!


  1. You do love your candles, don't you, Ron! I'm sure your home smells amazing and oh so festive when all these candles and diffusers are lit. Thanks for sharing--L.O.V.E. Nest candles! Have a great day! :)

  2. Ron, I do love these too. I purchase one annually from Neiman's. They smell divine. Another great candle post. xo, Jill

  3. Ron, I love candles also and this one is just beautiful! I will have to give it a try!

  4. Ron, this is so funny! I just purchased a Nest candle (Moroccan Amber), at a shop in Alabama. It's on my coffee table, in a holder, along with Bryan's book, which is stacked on top of Paula's book, (on top of two other books)! LOL!! Great minds! Nest candles are fabulous! One candle scents my entire home. If I light one in the evening, and leave the house the next morning, I can still smell it when I return. They're great!

  5. I've never heard of a Nest candle. It seems like it would smell heavenly. We usually get Thymes (Frasier Fir). I think it would be worth my while to try your suggestion next. Thank! ~Amy

  6. Ron, I love these candles. I purchase one or two from a high-end shop here in San Fran. They smell great year round too. MJK, SF

  7. Really? You know...I don't much go for the cinnamon vanilla stuff...I like something different. I'll have to search around for this. There's a neat candle I buy at Market Street that smells like pinon fire wood...nice and fresh and woodsy

  8. I have never seen these candles, Ron. I am going to look for them now. I LOVE good candles!!! xo Diana

  9. I was going to the mall to sur la table to buy some glass flasks, and right next door was saks. I stopped in and liked the scent of the candle and bought 3, two for me and one to gift. Thanks for the recommendation. Also please show more pics of your shelves/baker's rack. We had a major redo of our family room (new big screen t.v., I was out voted) and the shelves from the family room ended in the kitchen. I was inspired by yours. Please show how you decorated them so I can get an idea on how to do mine. Yes, I suppose I'll just steal your ideas, lol. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

  10. Had to come over and read more about the candles! I'm so glad the fragrance is so pleasing without being overwhelming. My space is very small so it would take only one I think.

    Thanks again!


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