Friday, January 18, 2013

Mardi Gras Staircase {2013}


Laissez les bons temps rouler!

I hope you are not getting tired of my Mardi Gras posts. I really enjoy Mardi Gras decorating, and I hope you do to.


In the Stair Parlor, the main staircase gets decorated in purple, green, and gold also. Ball garlands are draped from each section of the staircase. Harlequin ribbons are tied to each corner.


This year I added a huge paper mache’ harlequin face mask from Green Acres in Thibodaux. I really like the way it looks. Its size is perfect for the grand staircase.

photo_5 2 photo_2

Plumes are added to the side of the face mask to add to the Carnival spirit.

1 photo_5

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Up the Mardi Gras Staircase, y’all!


  1. Morning! Oh my! LOVE LOVE the staircase :) The mask if fantastic! We don't do a lot if decorating here, but I do have some beads I'll use. Happy Friday!

  2. I never tire of your posts, especially when you are showing your decorations. The staircase looks great, and that mask adds just the right touch! Have a great day, Ron! <3

  3. Gorg, as usual. I never get tired of your posts. Though I am slightly relieved that I don't have to decorate for another holiday right now :-)

  4. "SIMPLY" regal! You know who! Have a great day, Ron!

  5. Love the ball garland you're using. Awesome decor inside and out as usual. :) It is never boring to see what you have done next with your beautiful New Orleans home. Glad you are feeling better and enjoying the season.

  6. Lovely decor! Your staircase looks wonderful!

  7. Hi Ron, I so look forward to your posts each morning and really appreciate seeing your beautiful decorations and your home and thank you for taking the time to blog. Kay

  8. One word, GORGEOUS!

  9. What an AMAAAAAZING staircase! Gorg.


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