Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Favorite Kingcake


Ask anyone, and I bet he/she has an opinion on who makes the most delicious, tasty kingcake. In New Orleans, kingcakes are an art. And everyone has an opinion.


Though I have not tasted one yet, my favorite kingcakes are from Manny Randazzo’s. I prefer traditional cinnamon-flavored kingcake with no filling whatsoever.


The kingcake from Manny Randazzo’s is always fresh, moist, and tasty.


“The Mardi Gras or Carnival season officially begins on January 6th or the "Twelfth Night," also known to Christians as the "Epiphany." Epiphany comes from a Greek word that means "to show." Jesus first showed himself to the three wisemen and to the world on this day. As a symbol of this Holy Day, a tiny plastic baby is placed inside each King Cake.

The King Cake tradition is thought to have been brought to New Orleans from France in 1870. A King Cake is an oval-shaped bakery delicacy, crossed between a coffee cake and a French pastry that is as rich in history as it is in flavor. It's decorated in royal colors of PURPLE which signifies "Justice," GREEN for "Faith," and GOLD for "Power." These colors were chosen to resemble a jeweled crown honoring the Wise Men who visited the Christ Child on Epiphany. In the past such things as coins, beans, pecans, or peas were also hidden in each King Cake.

Today, a tiny plastic baby is the common prize. At a party, the King Cake is sliced and served. Each person looks to see if their piece contains the "baby." If so, then that person is named "King" for a day and bound by custom to host the next party and provide the King Cake.

Mardi Gras Day has a moveable date and may occur on any Tuesday from February 3rd to March 9th. It is always the day before Ash Wednesday, and always falls 46 days before Easter.”

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What is your favorite kingcake?

Tasty kingcakes, y’all!


  1. Thanks for the tip! In Shreveport, it's JulieAnne's or Tubb's, but I've never known who has "the" King Cake to have down south.

  2. Thank you for posting about Mardi Gras so far in advance! You reminded me that I needed to order a baby for my King Cake. Not too many places up here sell them, and the places that do are not nut free (boys have a nut allergy) so I started making my own a few years ago, but never remember to get a baby. (ok, I'm done! Phew!)

  3. When I lived in New Orleans I worked for a Barge Company. Many of the owners were old NO families and were in crews. We had King Cakes and I loved them. Don't know who made them but the sweet icing and the cinnamon cake made me very happy! I only got the baby once and I still have it!!
    hugs, Linda

  4. I really enjoyed reading about the history of a king cake. I never really knew all of that! That cake looks really good.

  5. I'm with you-the cinnamon cake sounds wonderful. I hope you get the baby.

  6. Ron, some close friends of ours threw one heck of a Mardi Gras party last night; and we had a blast! Not sure where the King Cake came from...yummy!!

  7. Believe it or not, we had one the other day from WINN-DIXIE (!) in Baton Rouge, and it was delicious; moist and not too sicky-sweet! Had the cinnamon filling. However...I love the old French galatte du rois. Made one last year and hope to do another this year!

  8. Oh, I love king cake! I grew up in Mississippi right on the Louisiana border, and always attended Mardi Gras and enjoyed delicious king cake. This one looks amazing! Thanks for stirring a sweet memory!

  9. Yum- That king cake is looking pretty good to me. What a fun tradition and the cake looks amazing! xo Diana

  10. Never was a big King Cake fan; however, my sister used to buy one from Maurice's on Napoleon, and it is delicious! Last year, I ordered one from Meche's in Lafayette, and there wasn't a piece left. :)

  11. Great info on King Cake! My favorite King Cake is "King Cake" ice cream from Blue Bell!! YUM!

  12. Great post on the history of King Cakes! My favorite King Cake is "King Cake" ice cream from Blue Bell~~YUM!!


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