Friday, January 11, 2013

The Elvis {Kingcake}


New Orleans local fave, Cochon Butcher, has been enticing me with its kingcake, The Elvis, on its facebook page recently. Though I have not yet tasted it as my appetite is still not back up to par, the flavors seem quite intriguing. The Elvis is an original favor offering at Cochon Butcher this year.


The cochon begins with braided yeast bread filled with peanut butter & bananas. Yum!


A generous smear of housemade marshmallow cream cover the dough.


Look at how shiny and pretty each are.


Goodies for the top are gathered.


The candied bacon and sprinkles add to the flavors of the toppings. The top of the cake is also torched.

6 7

I just adore the use of the pig instead of the baby. It makes it all unique Cochon Butcher.


I cannot wait to try a piece or two soon! I’m not usually a fan of filled kingcakes, but this one has peaked my interest. I’ll let you know how it tastes.

All photos from Cochon Butcher’s facebook page.

Oink, oink, y’all!



  1. I guess Nathan Richard had a hand in creating this king cake! Looks yummy! Let me know how it tastes when you get around to buying one. Have a great day! :)

  2. I love that tradition of the king cake! I used to work with a guy from LA and he would always bring a king cake to work to share with everyone. So much fun!

  3. Ohhhh it looks so delicious!!! I hope you are up to trying it soon :o) Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! I WANT A PIECE WITH SOME COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend.

  5. I'll wait for your verdict! I do love the pig instead of a baby!

  6. Yum Yum! You MUST let us know how it tastes! Great pics, BTW!

  7. Now that looks interesting...I'd definitely have to try a piece of the Elvis cake..just a little the pig. Let us know how it tastes.

  8. Who do you recommend to ship a king cake? I do not think I want a gambinos this year.

  9. Okay- I am drooling and you know I am OFF sugar- quit tempting me you naughty boy! xo Diana


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