Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Scentsational Scoop… King Cake by Fleur de Light


At this time of year, I must remind you how great the King Cake candle by Fleur de Light smells. I wish I had “smell-a-blog”. This is a great, local candle line developed by Sondra Berger.


The aroma is delicious…cinnamon-based but not overpowering and a vanilla scented throw similar to the yummy icing of delicious king cakes. Have I whet your appetite? The scent captures the king cake perfectly.


Sondra Berger founded the candle company in 2006 as a"love letter to her hometown of New Orleans." The candles use 100% cotton wicks to reduce soot and carbon. The scents ensure a full, long lasting aroma.


I adore the new container with the fleur de lis emblem. Little changes make a huge impact. The packaging is precious too!

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The King Cake Fleur de Lis candles are available on the website, and at LeBoulevard on Veterans Blvd.

King Cake is still offered in the See the Light, Feed the Hungry line.

I was further intrigued when I discovered that through the sales of See the Light candles in cooperation with the Second Harvest Food Banks of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana, over 19,000 people have been fed since August 2011. One dollar from each candle sold goes directly to Second Harvest Food Bank, providing a meal to a family of four. "See the Light, Feed the Hungry emerged from a personal goal", says SB. She further states that when she started the company she wanted to "give something back to her community." She recalled her parent's depression era stories of battling food shortages, and her new idea was born.
     How can you not appreciate this concept? Buy one candle and feed a family of four. I am sold. I cannot wait to discover the other delicious scents of this fine candle line---Fig, French Market, Lavender, and many more.


Get out and burn one today!

Have your cake & smell it too.

You can also order your favorite scents by going to the Fleur de Light website: click HERE!

King Cake Fleur de Light candle, y’all!


  1. What a wonderful company! I will definitely check out the website and I love the way you displayed the candle. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Your blog today brings me back to last year when I won your very first give away--the See the Light King Cake candle. For many, many days, my house was filled with the delicious aroma of that candle! Have a great day! :)

  3. I need to get my mardi gras candle out - still using it after all these years :-) xoxo

  4. I love candles! I will need to order this one! right now, I have Red current burning! my favorite.. You have a great blog love it..

  5. Thought you might enjoy this Oyster shell project post over at Bower Power blog.
    Hate to send it through comments section, but didn't see a email contact icon on your page. Enjoy!

  6. I love these candles. Try creme brulee too....that's yummy! ;)

  7. I love these candles! Try the creme brulee too, ;)

  8. above comment-or...creme brulee?? that's a must!

  9. It sounds like a great company! The fleur de Lis is very pretty on it.

  10. Your article is very interesting and I really enjoyed reading it.Thanks for sharing this article here.


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