Thursday, March 14, 2013

Collections {Antique French Confit Pots}


The passion of collecting is an addiction of many of us. As a Southerner collecting was in my soul. Scouring antique malls, flea markets, and unique, small town shops, adding to collections is always fun and therapeutic. I personally collect many things, so today I’d like to share confit pots.


I prefer my collections grouped together as the visual impact is more appealing.


I have 8 confit pots (pots de confit) in various sizes. All of them were purchased during my Atlanta days. Some are from Antique Warehouse (ain’t dere no more) on Huff Road, some were purchased at Hill Street Warehouse, while others were picked up at Scott’s Antiques.

photo_2 photo_3

Presently, my collection of confit pots are grouped together above the china cabinet in the dining room.


What is confit? My information is taken from the blog, My Faux French Chateau.

The classic French confit recipe is “pieces of duck slowly cooked in its own fat until meltingly tender, the stored in the same fat.  Antique confit pots were originally designed as a container in which to store the duck and duck fat before modern refrigeration was available. These beautiful earthenware containers have been a signature of the French gourmet and Provencal kitchen. If you look below the glazed portion of the confit pot, the lower part of the pottery was left unglazed. This is because, after the cooking process, the urn was typically sealed and buried in the cool ground or stored in stone-lined larders. This storage process preserved the meat without refrigeration. Throughout winter, the confit pots would be opened and the meat contained within enjoyed.”

Today, the pots are used as decoration in many homes. They are highly sought after.

Antique%20French%20confit%20pots confit_1L

I hope you have enjoyed my collection of confit pots.

French confit pots, y’all!


  1. Well, I learned something new today. I've always liked that earthenware but never knew that is what it was used for--interesting. I love duck leg confit and most recently had the Muscovy duck leg confit at Herbsaint. Delicious! Have a great day! <3

  2. You have a beautiful collection Ron!! This is a collection I want to start...went antiquing yesterday but came home empty handed :( I've also been looking on ebay for them.

  3. Those are great, Ron. I have seen these and never knew what their original purpose was. Love the story behind them-xo Diana

  4. I spy the green one..short on the left!

  5. These are beautiful. Love the story about storing the duck. Thanks for sharing your collection.
    xo Ginger

  6. Hey Ron; I have been hunting for one of these for such a long time. The prices have always been so much, so I have not purchased one yet!!! You and J have some stunning Antiques. I Love Antiques so much. I have a huge collection of too many things. LOL.
    Take Care :-)

  7. I love collections displayed together too.


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