Friday, March 1, 2013

My Favorite Chair {Favorites on the First}


Two posts in one day…Whew! Today, I am also linking to The Polohouse’s Favorites on the First, My Favorite Chair. Join us there!


My favorite chair in the house is located in the parlor. The chair is definitely a reference to a French one (a chair designed in the French Rococo style with curving, feminine lines--especially curved legs--and an overall sense of aristocratic comfort) with a twist. The chair is covered in brown leather and cow hide, definitely a twist on the feminine curved style. I love the nail head details.

photo_1 photo_3 photo_4

J & I purchased the chair in 2007 during an outing at Scott’s Antiques in Atlanta. You should have witnessed us getting this home on back roads. We wanted it that day and had only two cars at the time. J sat in the back seat holding the chair in place through the trunk hatch. Cushions were removed. We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies for sure, but we did get it home and in place in one piece. A trip which would normally take 15 minutes probably took 45 minutes. Priorities!


The chair is comfortable too.


My Favorite Chair, y’all!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the chair. All you needed was Miz Honey sitting on the roof to complete the picture. xo Diana

  2. That is one beautiful chair. I was admiring it when I went to your house last fall--I totally love the parlor. It is my favorite room! Have a great day! xoxo P.S. Eight more days!,, ;) ;) ;)

  3. That is one beautiful chair. I was admiring it when I went to your house last fall--I totally love the parlor. It is my favorite room! Have a great day! xoxo P.S. Eight more days!,, ;) ;) ;)

  4. I've always loved that chair!! Call me this weekend. We need to catch up. xo


  5. Love the chair , I would have done same thing, anything to get it home.
    That is what shopping for treasures is all about

  6. Nice chair! I love all the nailhead trim too! Have a great weekend, Ron!

  7. Oh I am in love with that chair-how gorgeous is that?!
    Have a good weekend and hope all is well on the health front.

  8. That is a fine looking chair. I can see why you were so attracted to it. That is such a funny story too of how you got it home. That sounds just like something I would do! LOL!

  9. Love your chair, Ron. Thanks for the reminder. I totally forgot about Favorites on the First. I need to get busy and post. '-)

  10. What a fantastic chair! Totally worth the trouble getting it home. Thanks for reminding Alison about the party. I hope your team does well in the Science Olympiad. One of my little friends and neighbors is competing in Atlanta this year in the music division, I believe.

    I love your blog! I was looking at your style, and it looks like you enjoy shopping at Perlis! I'm your newest follower.


  11. Ron - Love the juxtaposition of the cowhide with the femininity of the chair. Perfect!

  12. Love the upholstery on your chair!

    I would have bought it in a heartbeat,
    AND I have driven home "prizes" in the most odd circumstances myself. Where there's a will
    there's a way, right?

    Will never for get the day my GF bought a tall secretary and there were three of us that went antiquing that day. She had a small car, and we got the secretary in the back after folding down the rear seats. She drove, our other friend sat in the passenger seat, and since there were no seats for me, I volunteered to hide/ride with the new purchase.

    I had to lie down along side of the secretary for an hour as we drove home on the expressway so no one would see me without a seat belt! The space was so tight that I had to stay on my side squished in like a sardine.

    It was hilarious. We still laugh about that.

    Love your handsome chair.


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