Monday, April 1, 2013

Favorites on the First {Lamps}


Today, I am linking to The Polohouse for Alison’s Favorites on the First, Favorite Lamps.

I have several sets of favorite lamps in my home.

Coral lamps in the den.

photo_3 photo_2

Click HERE for more on my coral lamps.

Crystal lamps with striped shades in the dining room.

photo lamp shade

Glass urn lamps with burlap shades in the guest room, Honey’s room.

photo_1 photo_2

Antique lamps set (belonged to J’s grandmother, Flossie}.

3 4

Silver lamps in the master.

5 photo_3 photo_4

I adore lamp light and have many that I love.

3 7 16 21 1 photo_5 2

I’ll be spending my last day of Spring Break putting away the bunnies & eggs. Back to school for two months tomorrow….8 weeks! Hurry up!

Thanks to Alison for hosting.


Lamp Light, y’all!


  1. You would love my friend Becky's house--lamps are an obsession with her! I especially love the antique lamps from J's grandmother. Have a great day! :)

  2. You do have some great lamps there, Ron. Love those striped shaded ones...and the antique one from Flossie. I had an Aunt Flossie (her real name was Florence but they called her Flossie)...not a name you hear anymore. 8 more weeks! You can do this! xo Diana

  3. You do have some lovely lamps, I think my favorites are the coral. Stunning. Hugs, Marty

  4. all your lamps go well together. Even tho they are very different from each other, they appear to work well in your home. Love the peek of your backyard. I'm going to have to stalk your blog to see the whole thing.

  5. Love the lamps; I despise overhead lighting and wish I had NONE in my house. Only two more months left...WOW! Time does fly!!!

  6. You have some beautiful lamps, Ron! Enjoy your last day of spring break. My kids went back today. We lost so many days of school because of Hurricane Sandy this year so they had to take away some of our planned vacation days! Oh well!

  7. The coral lamps are amazing! You sure have a great collection of lamps, I cannot choose one, as when I'm about to, I see another beauty! They go so perfect in your lovely home, so elegant and classic. Hope you come by, I'm also partying at the Polo House! Have a terrific week!

  8. Love all your lamps, but especially Flossies.

  9. Ron you have some beautiful lamps. Really like the coral and stripped shade ones. The are all great.
    Happy Spring

  10. You have some beautiful lamps Ron. I can't pick a fave, but I am partial to Flossie's lamp. Assuming that you are a teacher, I know you are looking forward to the end of the school year. My husband is a teacher also ;o)

  11. So many beauties, Ron!
    I have to say the silver ones are
    so handsome. I saw some similar ones
    in a shop years ago but they were to pricey
    and I didn't really have the perfect spot for
    them at the time.
    Have regretted not getting them ever since!

    Your master bedroom bedding and monogrammed shams
    are gorgeous! Love what you did in there.

    Thanks for sharing your lamps!

  12. Gorgeous lamps, Ron. Thanks for sharing. I agree, lamp light is the best! ~ Sarah

  13. Thanks for sharing those great lamps in your home, Ron! I thought when I saw the coral lamps that nothing could be any better but then when I saw how perfect those lamps are in your fabulous master bedroom
    I had second thoughts. Gosh it was hard to focus on the lamps in the photo with the those! I saw your post over at The Polohouse lamp party.

  14. Hi Ron, I knew it, I knew it! I knew those gorgeous coral lamps would be first. You have some awesome lamps throughout your lovely home. However, the coral lamps are my favorite.
    Blessings, Ginger

  15. Beautiful lamps Ron...those coral ones are stunning!


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