Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fern Green Silk Tafetta


It is no secret that green is my most favorite color. I have used lots of pops of green in the decor throughout the home. In the den/breakfast room, I have used pops of green in pillows, tablecloths, and florals.


Back in October during the annual visit by the Dixie Belles, we himmed and hawed over what color fabric would make the best drapes in the den/breakfast room because I was ready for a change. When we moved to the house on Perrier Street in 2008, I ordered premade silk drapes in gold from Pottery Barn. I have gotten quite tired of the color, and it started to look a bit dated. So, a change ensued.

Drapes Before:



Drapes After:



Since October, I looked endlessly for premade drapes in the perfect green shade.With large windows and high ceilings, the windows require at least 120” length panels. They are very hard to find off the shelf so to speak. My BFF Melanie of One Little Bird blog suggested the color “kelp” which we thought would bring out the greens from the Southern bird oil behind the sofa. I never could find the color “kelp” in premade drapes or fabric by any means. I searched. I searched. I searched. No Luck!

photo_5 (2)


Finally, I located the perfect green silk taffetta fabric online at Lewis and Sheron of Atlanta and had a local connection sew these up, black-out lining and all. The color of the fabric is “fern”. Fern, what a perfect choice to bring the outdoors in like I love to do. I finally got them all hung up properly last evening, and I must say that the drapes look wonderful.


I even added two panels to the other sides of the sliders. Before, I had only panels at the far ends. I think the look is complete now. The drapes frame the courtyard perfectly. We use only one of the sliders, so I may get a tie back when we are entertaining others.

Now, I must go steam them.


Fern Drapes, y’all!


  1. What a difference that beautiful color makes! Stunning!

  2. What a nice change! Those drapes are so rich looking. You have certainly succeeded in bringing the outside into the house. Your den is "magazine worthy"! Have a great day! xoxo

  3. They are beautiful! I love the material, adds a beautiful sheen...

  4. Beautiful, Ron! They look wonderful with the botanical prints and tortoise plates.

  5. Amazing and so beautiful. Just love them! You have a winner there.

  6. I absolutely LOVE them! Green is my favorite decorating color, too. That color is PERFECT and so rich looking, Ron. Great choice- xo Diana

  7. Gosh, Ron, I absolutely love the green drapes! They are gorgeous! I am on a mission to find green pillows, to add to my sofas. This green is perfect!

  8. Beautiful!!!!
    I love the fern color. How do you have them hung? I do not see a rod down the center. Please tell your secrect to hanging these.

  9. oh.em.gee. they turned out totally gorge!!!! cannot wait to see in person. xo

  10. Hey Ron; The Green curtains look absolutely Stunning!!! What a Beautiful choice. The green really makes the room pop.
    As usual, this room is just Breathtaking!!! I hope that you and J are doing well. Take Care :-)

  11. LOVING the new drapes Ron...but then again green is my favorite color and a must in my house! Your room looks beautiful!!

  12. I'm a fan of green also. They look lovely for sure!

  13. A beautiful transformation. I LOVE your style. xo Jill

  14. Like a big ole ball gown. I do love them.

  15. Lol..had to laugh at prior comment. Oh Scarlett..those drapes are beautiful!


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