Friday, April 19, 2013

Mercury Glass Vessels


I love mercury glass for its sparkly quality. Who does not like mercury glass? I was so happy to receive a large mercury glass vessel as an Easter treat from my favorite cousin. I thought at the time that one would definitely suffice, but the more I got to thinking two would be better.


This past weekend, my cousin and her hubby stayed at the house for the George Strait concert and delivered yet another “treat”, another mercury glass vessel. A matching pair. I love symmetry and am happy to have two.


The large mercury glass vessel is tied with jute top along the top. It gives the vessel a great nautical feel which I adore.


I decided to remove my glass demijohns for the moment in the niches between the parlor and stair parlor and replace each with my new mercury glass vessels.

I think they are a glowing success. I love the sparkle it gives to the area.

1 2 photo_3

Don’t worry! My demijohns are just fine. One is on the floor at the entrance to the parlor, and the other is on the floor next to the den sofa.

6 7

Thanks for the “treats”.

And I have one more in a smaller size…

4 5


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Mercury Glass, y’all!


  1. Beautiful! They do add much sparkle.

  2. Those are just beautiful! Love them! Have a great day! xoxo

  3. Love your vases, they are gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  4. No wonder she's the favorite cousin!


  5. Ron- I love mercury glass. I have loved it for years long before it became the popular thing to collect. I wish I had some of the old pieces that used to be in my family. Gotta love a cousin like that!!! xo Diana

  6. Ron, your mercury glass is so pretty. Mercury glass works well in any decor!

  7. Hey Ron; I adore old Mercury glass, but with the outlandish prices I havent purchased any in years. I instead buy "something else" on my endless Collecting list!!
    The new Mercury glass however is just so Beautiful and can actually be easy on the pocketbook to buy. The pieces which you are so lucky to have been gifted are just Lovely. You sure do have a thoughtful and kind cousin!!! The glass looks so sparkly and bright in your home. Have a good weekend!!! :-)

  8. Gorgeous gifts, Ron. Aaaaaaah, mercury glass. Love. Love. xo Jill

  9. Sparkles. Sparkles. Fun. Fun. Rich yet playful.

  10. I absolutely love these.


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