Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Fairhope Inn {Restaurant}


On our way back from Perdido Key, J and I make it an annual habit to stop in Fairhope, AL for lunch and a walk through the lovely downtown area.

At the suggestion of a blogger friend at Fairhope Supply Company, J & I decided to try a restaurant that was more upscale for lunch. We were not disappointed at all.

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Located in the heart of downtown Fairhope lies the beautiful Fairhope Inn and Restaurant. Warm and elegant are words that I would use to describe the 107 year-old home. We were greeted with true Southern hospitality in keeping with the quaint town. Rich colors, large tropical plants and candlelight help provide an elegant backdrop for some of the best dining near the coast.




We were immediately impressed by the lovely decor of the restaurant and were whisked through the bar to our seats in a glass enclosed porch area overlooking the brick patio where a tent was being set up for an evening wedding. Perfection. The flowers were being set out by a florist flown in from up north. The two arrangements on the bar were evidence that there was to be a swanky affair.

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I ordered a bloody Mary. J chose water as he was driving us home.


We each ordered a delicious mushroom bisque soup. Yummo!


For an entree, I dined on the crab cake salad {baby greens, sun dried tomato aioli, roasted pecans, Roma tomatoes and sweet potato hay}.


J devoured his champagne poached salmon {brown sugar seared and topped with sweet potato hay, served over wilted spinach and a pineapple chutney}.


I have to admit that I am not a salmon fan, but this dish was well flavored and original.

Check out the lunch menu: click HERE.


I would definitely recommend the restaurant. I also feel the Inn would be a great place to stay.

Though we did not walk around very log(It was too hot!), I did come back with one “treat”. Can you guess what’s in the bag?


I’ll show you tomorrow!

The Fairhope Inn Restaurant, y’all!


  1. Replies
    1. Good guess. You'll see in my post tomorrow!

  2. hi ron,

    have you eaten at jesse's in Magnolia Springs? not a bad drive from fairhope (as i'm sure you know)...if you go there ask to be seated in the glassed in porch.


    1. Judy, I have not eaten at Jesse's but would LOVE to try. Thanks for the suggestion. xo

  3. I would have devoured your salad, and J's salmon looks divine. Thanks for the tour! xoxo

  4. Hey Ron; I am so glad that you and J and your Family had such a wonderful time while away.
    All of the photos have been such nice eye candy. Thank-You so much for sharing.
    Take Care :-)


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