Friday, September 6, 2013

Scentsational Scoop {Botanique Plantation Diffuser}


Love them or hate them, fragrance diffusers are everywhere. Personally, I am still not even certain that I totally love them, but I continue to use them in combination with the same candle scents throughout my home.


I think my problem with diffusers is the awful, ugly containers they come in. So since I use diffusers, I am always in search of unique containers to house the diffuser oil and sticks.




Say what you will but I do appreciate the scents given off by diffusers. The subtle scents tend to last for over 3 months if you turn the sticks weekly.

In my anticipation, I recently changed my candles and diffusers around the house. The scent that I have been using in Fall for a while is the Havana scent by Archipelago Botanicals. Steinmart has a much less expensive copy called Botanique Aromatherapy Plantation. The scents are identical. Both blend bergamot, ylang ylang, and tobacco leaf.


For my diffusers, I have been used a vintage wide mouth bottle with zinc base as well as a porcelain mustard jar. I think they both are unexpected and add some beauty to the otherwise boring diffuser options.

DSCI1078 DSCI1079 DSCI1082

I use the diffusers in the parlor, the powder room, and the den.

DSCI1081 DSCI1083 DSCI1084

What do you think of diffusers? Do you use them?

Diffusers, y’all!


  1. Well first I have to tell you Ron... I LOVE all your pretty vignettes:)
    Yes I use diffusers in our bathrooms and now after seeing this post I am off to change out the bottles! Have a great weekend!

  2. Yep- I LOVE diffusers and I like the way you have worked them into your decor. xo Diana

  3. I love diffusers, but agree that sometimes they don't look as nice as they smell. Candles are much prettier. I bet your house smells great! I like the container you chose for the diffuser reeds.

  4. Have never used diffusers and probably never will. However, I do like the containers that you have yours in--very tasteful. Have a great day! xoxo

  5. I've been tempted to try them but I have nosy cats that I'm afraid would play with them and tip it over so I've avoided them. Using a different container might be the trick I'd need. I got my Apothecary Guild Cashmere candle and it smells so good! Love the cute cloche top.

  6. Hi Ron, After getting my walls dirty from candle soot, I had to stop the candle thing. I'm using the sprays and the diffusers. Hadn't thought about putting them in another container that's more attractive. Thanks for your lovely blog!

  7. I am like you, not madly in love, but a user. I agree with the homely containers. Never thought of transferring to a different container....thanks for the great idea. Maybe now love is in the air! Jane

  8. I pretty much stick with candles and have avoided diffusers for the same reason Liz mentioned above about her cats - only with me, it's because of teenagers throwing things across the room! I love your idea of changing out the container. It's the same principle of putting your ketchup and mustard in pretty glass bowls with tiny spoons instead of using the squeezy plastic bottles! Just a little change brings beauty!

  9. I occasionally use scented candles, but not diffusers. I love how you switched the bottles for a more upscale look. Great idea!

  10. I am so scared that the diffusers will fall over and oil, oil, everywhere! Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. Ron, Your vignettes are lovely and now I have to go buy diffusers.

  12. Ron, your home is just lovely! I LOVE the Botanique diffusers and scents. The bottles you use are much more classier than what they come in. Not all diffuser oils are the same. The Botanique brand is a little pricier but the oils are exceptional to what you find at Wal-mart, Ross, or TJ Maxx. They do last a long time. I have only found them at Stein Mart but it is worth a trip to get them. Their candles are really nice, as well! Love love love that brand! My mother actually takes the oils and gently coats silk flowers with them. They smell amazing and last forever! Am new to your blog and really am enjoying catching up on your posts! Blessings! Ana

  13. Botanique are definetly the BEST....but ain't available in the UK, what a BUMMER !!

  14. Telll me how to order Botanique Plantation diffusers, please! my favorite of all times and can't find this fragrance at Stein Mart any more.

    1. The only place right now that I know of is Stein-Mart Stores.

  15. I came across your webpage because I was searching for Botanique PLANTATION OIL for my daughter and my diffuser. StienMart was out. Looking to see if anyplace else sells it? I used to by the CHESAPEAKE BAY OIL Hinoki Bonsai Reed Diffuser Set but Kohl's has seemed to quite carrying it.


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