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Oyster Shell Sconce


This is a great story…

Have you seen the oyster shell sconces offered by Wisteria? I have loved them since seeing them in the catalog a while back. At $89.00 a piece, two of them would be quite an expense.



I was so happy and surprised recently to receive a personal email from a follower of my blog who wished to send me a handmade oyster shell sconce for my critique. This is the beauty of blogging. You never know who appreciates reading your blog, and the effect it has on them. I was smitten that the follower wanted my opinion as she deemed that I was an oyster shell “expert”.

Here is her original email to me:

Hey Ron!

I am a follower of your blog and find your posts so inspiring. You are always positive and upbeat.
I found your blog after searching for oyster shells on the Internet. I wasn't too surprised that you
are friends with another favorite blog of mine, Dixie Delights.

I am writing to ask you for a little help on a project I am starting. I would like to open an Etsy shop and
possibly sell my "creations" in a local art/antique consignment shop here in my hometown of Annapolis, MD.
What I was hoping to do is have you critique one of my projects. My friends and family have given me feedback but
I think they are a little biased and would love your opinion. I figured you share my love of oyster shells and being a teacher you could give me constructive criticism.

I would like to send you one of my oyster shell sconces, have you critique it and make any suggestions.
If you like it, I would love for you to keep it. If you don't, I could make arrangements to mail it back.

I have attached a few of pictures of one of my sconces. I also included a picture of one that is for sale through for reference.

Thank you so much for your time!

Of course, I immediately shot an email back stating that I would LOVE to share my critique. After telling her that I would love two of them (I adore pairs of most wall accessories.), I was stoked when she said that she would make a matching set and send them my way.

The package arrived here on Friday, and I could not wait to open it. The box was so well packed with packing papers and bubble wrap. Each sconce was so well packaged. I have ordered from Wisteria in the past and their goods are certainly not as well packed as the sconces I received.



sconce 2

The sconces arrived in perfect condition.

DSCI1085 DSCI1086

Upon a detailed inspection of each sconce, I cannot tell you how perfectly each sconce appeared. Oyster shells were wrapped uniformly around a wooden base in an oval pattern. Each shell slightly overlapped its neighbor. Small shells fill in the small crevices left by the overlapping of oyster shells. A convenient hook for easy hanging was screwed onto the wooden base. I was most happy to report to my follower that the sconces were expertly made. This craftsman is a perfectionist.



My next decision was where I would hang these mollusk creations. After discussing a couple options with J, I decided on hanging each in the alcove wall on each side of the buffet in the dining room. I added taper candles and love the way they look and the light they give.

DSCI1087 DSCI1088

The follower (who I will mention in a future blog) wishes to set up an etsy store and possibly do these sconces by custom order. She plans to sell these in a local antiques/consignment market. Once my newest friend decides on her next step, I’ll be back to share her information with you all. As with any new business, my friend needs to get all “business” aspects worked out such as packaging and shipping costs. I cannot wait to see the evolution of this business and know that I had a small part in giving confidence to a fellow perfectionist.

DSCI1094 DSCI1095

The Uptown Acorn greatly approves as I love the addition of these new Southern coastal touches to my home.

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Oyster shell sconces, y’all!


  1. Wow, how perfect for you, Ron. They are beautiful! I agree, I think of you as the oyster expert too. '-)
    Enjoy your new pair of sconces.

  2. Lucky you Ron! Those look fabulous and I like where you chose to put them. She did build them beautifully.

  3. That is so wonderful! They do look beautiful! it is amazing how many talented bloggers are out there!

  4. Those are gorgeous, Ron. I know it's a trick of the camera but when you look at the first and second picture of them hanging in place the black part that holds the candle photographs as a cross on the bottom. Isn't that cool? Do you see it? Love 'em! xo Diana

  5. Happy for you and your new found friend. Hope her business is a success.



  6. Those are awsome. I finally got around to making my oyster shell wreath and I love it, even though I fried a couple of fingers with the hot glue. :-( I think oyster shells are my new obsession. I hope you will keep us updated on her Etsy shop, I would love to order.

  7. Well that blogger was on to something when she knew how much you loved oyster shells! You were the perfect person to critique her work. If you say they are good, then I bet they are. They're really pretty and look perfect where you hung them.

  8. So beautiful! The oyster shell is perfect for reflecting the warm light source - so creamy and dreamy. You found the perfect place for them. I'm sure this entrepreneur will be greatly successful.

  9. Those sconces are so you, Ron! I love, love, love them! I think I need a couple for my home. Can't wait until your new blogger friend opens her etsy store. Have a great day! xoxo

  10. Adorable! Great job, mystery follower!

  11. Ron, Those are perfect for your home and look fab on your wall..... Perfect!!!!

  12. Ron, I am in love with the sconces! They are gorgeous and so perfect for your home! These would be great for our new Florida home so please let us know when she is ready to start selling.

  13. Ron, The oyster shell sconces are gorgeous! The lady really did a beautiful job, not only on the front, but also the nice sturdy back. They look so good on either side of the bird painting, and I'd love to have a pair for my foyer. Hope to see her Etsy shop soon.

  14. Love her American made creations, Ron!
    Hers seem more pearlized with a warm patina too.
    Love them!
    Please let us know when she is ready for business!

  15. Love her American made creations, Ron!
    Hers seem more pearlized with a warm patina too.
    Love them!
    Please let us know when she is ready for business!

  16. She is truly talented. Hers are much prettier that the marketed ones. The other oysters were just randomly placed. This person has placed each shell perfectly. Well done!

  17. I love them!!! I'm super jealous that I didn't get some :-) I they are the perfect finishing touch in your dining room (not that we ever really finish) :-) xo

  18. Ron, these are fantastic. You lucky little boy.

  19. ummm these are amazing!!!! I would DIE to have a pair in our half bath downstairs!!!!


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