Sunday, September 29, 2013

Raspberry Jalapeno Jam


Yesterday, during a stop jaunt through Pass Christian, MS, J & I stopped at a fave shop, Art Alley in the Pass, for my best jam. Raven’s Original Raspberry Jalapeno jam is the absolute tastiest.


We have been out of the jam for a while, and the shop was out of it on our last visit, so we were beyond excited to find the jam in stock.


Described on the website as “sweet with a little heat”, the raspberry jalapeno jam is amazing. It is described perfectly.

From the website: Old fashioned and made in the tradition of days gone by, our jam is made in open kettles and hand stirred in small batches. Our raspberry jalapeno jam makes the perfect hors d'oeuvre, snack or dip.
During the holidays just spread over a block of cream cheese or layer cream cheese and jam in a shallow dish and serve with your favorite cracker (Wheat Thins are great!) To make a delicious dip for those summer fruit trays, simply mix 10 oz. (half the jar) with 1 ½ blocks of Philadelphia brand cream cheese.

I like my jam on my weekend “homemade-style” biscuits.



Get to Pass Christian today or call Beth at Art Alley in the Pass. I bet she’ll be happy to ship you some Southern yumminess.


Raspberry Jam, y’all!


  1. I'm drooling! This jam looks and sounds delish...especially with a jalapena kick!


  2. Ok send me a jar of that awesome jam and I'll send you a perfectly made lattice chicken pie! I just had breakfast, so I would've loved this jam with English muffins, lol! Have a great week ahead my friend.

  3. Sounds delicious. I am a huge fan of jalapeno jelly and cream cheese.

  4. Sounds delish Ron...those biscuits sure look yummy too!
    Have a great week:)

  5. Hmmmm...Sweet with a little heat-sounds like a sweet Southern man I used to date! ;>) xo Diana

  6. Yum! This summer we've had tons of jalapenos in the garden so I've made lots and lots of this jam. My favorite way to use is to spread a generous amount over a wedge or wheel of brie and bake in the oven until melted and gooey. Served with a good cracker it is a simple, delicious appetizer.

  7. Yum! That looks delicious especially on your "homemade" biscuits! xoxo

  8. My husband would love something like this. He adds heat to almost everything he eats.

  9. OMG! I have to call Art Alley now.


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