Monday, October 21, 2013

SPOOKtacular Facade {Nightfall: Halloween 2013}


One of the greatest things about the Halloween decor is how it looks at nightfall. Days are getting shorter; therefore, lights come on a little earlier now.

facade 4

Flicker flame lights twinkle over the door and on the black grapevine wreath on the 2nd floor balcony.

facade 6


Mini orange lights fill the bushes that are planted in the front garden.

facade 8

More flicker flame lights fill the terracotta pumpkin in the garden.


I even replaced the regular bulb with a flicker one on the porch lights.

flicker light

Beware! Come on in if you dare.

Battery-powered candles and lights fill votive cups and beakers on the parlor mantle.

parlor mantle2

mantle 3



More battery-powered candles light votives in the secretary. A flicker flame light replaces a regular clear bulb in the lamp.


secretary 2

secreatry lamp

In the stair parlor, more faux candles complete the boo-tiful vignette.

stair parlor

stair parlor 2

stair parlor 3

I really love how the house looks at nightfall. I hope you do too.

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facade 7

SPOOKtacular Facade at Night, y’all!


  1. I love seeing the evening shots- very nice job!

  2. It's wonderful Ron! I love it at night! You put a lot of work into your facade and its wonderful!

  3. I don't decorate for Halloween (really, not quite sure why...) but I love yours! Totally fabulous, maybe my favorite EVER!!!!!!!!! BOO!

  4. Love it! You would put the winner of the decorated home in our neighborhood to shame!! LOL

  5. I love seeing your Halloween display, since no one decorates much in our neighborhood. All our little goblins have grown up and moved away. :(

  6. I wouldn't expect anything less than Spooktacular from you, Ron! It looks great.

    I might have a little surprise for you on my blog on Wednesday...pop by! BOO! xo Diana

  7. Love, love, love it! It definitely is spooktacular. I really think you should put a book together of your house decorations through all the seasons. I think that would be so cool. Have a great day! xoxo

  8. So spooky and fun! I've always thought New Orleans to be one of the best places to spend Halloween!

  9. Spooktacular indeed.

  10. I just started following your blog. Love everything in your you have two front doors? Was your house once a duplex? I just adore all the wonderful old homes in NOLA!

  11. Just started following your blog and really enjoy seeing all the pics of your lovely home. I just love the great old homes of NOLA. It looks like you have two front doors. Was your home once a duplex?

  12. Very festive. I love the stair parlor best of all!

  13. Ron, you always have some of the best Halloween decor. I just saw this post, and you did not disappoint! The porch is awesome!

  14. Boo- you know how I found you. There's this crazy blonde woman who blogs a lot and just happened to mention your name on her post today. Love the halloween decor, one of my favorite things to do. I started back lighting the outside things with white lights this year and they stand out so much more. You can read the grave stones and the creepy guys are lit from under their fabric. They kind of look like skeleton monks with attitude. Love your blog.

  15. Ron, I just love your house but you have outdone yourself. Even the mini orange lights in the garden reminded me of "The Beating Heart". Spoooooky!


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