Thursday, October 24, 2013

Winner! Winner!


No! No! I do not want a chicken dinner. Well? Maybe one from Popeye’s!

I am so happy. This is the email I received this evening from Alison over at one of my favorite blogs, The Polohouse.

midwest living

Stop by the blog post! You are one of the TEN WINNERS!
Whoo Hoo, Ya'all!



Alison's gorgeous home has been featured in Midwest Living adorned in its Christmas glory.

Of course, we do get the mag Midwest Living here in New Orleans, so I quickly registered for her giveaway, one of ten copies. My number, #10 was randomly selected.

Alison has one of the best styles I’ve seen. Alison’s stylish home is very Ralph Laurenesque (Is that a word?) filled with equestrian-style touches.


dining room

You may have remembered that I featured Alison’s decorating for a Kentucky Derby soiree back in May 2012. It was one of my most popular annual posts.





I cannot wait to receive my copy. Yes! I’ll be happy to share the pics with you later.

Secondly, if you have not seen Nana Diana’s post yesterday about her win of my House Proud give away, you need to get there fast. She nailed it!!! Two of my favorite bloggers in the same day…wow!!!

Nana Diana Takes a Break

What are those lemons for??? LOL

Nana Diana scan

You would think that she knew me personally.

Thanks for the shout-out, Diana!

Winner, y’all!


  1. Ron, I have always thought the Polohouse was something Ralph Lauren would have had before he went almost totally western. I am thrilled that you have your home in a wonderful magazine too. xoxo,Susie

  2. Congratulations, Ron! It's a fab article. I've been enjoying my copy all week. Alison's home is one of my all time favorite abodes. It's full of charm and exquisite style. Enjoy the article. By the way, your home ranks right up there too. I love my book! ~ Sarah

  3. Beautiful, beautiful! And - congratulations on that win! I might add this, though. I have been known to prepare a very tasty chicken dinner!:-)

  4. Congrats Ron! Loved Diana's post yesterday. Allison's home is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Congrats on winning that wonderful magazine! I agree that her home is beautiful, especially decorated for Christmas.

  6. Congratulations Ron. I am going out and get that magazine tomorrow. I love to see all the homes decorated for Christmas.
    Have a super weekend.

  7. Hey- From one winner to another CONGRATULATIONS! lol No losers in this room!!!! I love Alison, too. She has such a great sense of style and taste. I was so pleased at the comments yesterday about your home. Everyone just LOVED it...and, they will love you as they get to know you....olf course they will!
    Hope you have a wonderful night- I was gone all day looking at a house for my daughter a possible rehab of a home built in the 1860's. You are gonna die (well, not literally die) when you see the house- it will be on my post tomorrow.
    Have a cocktail for me tonight, will ya? xo Diana ps. you can leave out the fake lemon

  8. Congratulations on your win! Looking forward to seeing pictures Alison's home. I do remember your post on her Kentucky Derby soiree--really loved it. :)

  9. Congratulations....Your sense of style deserves the recognition...Great job..


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