Sunday, December 8, 2013

He’s so Excited this Holiday


He was so excited that he just couldn’t hide it. He definitely lost control, and he liked it. What on Earth am I blabbing about now?

Pointers sign

Pointer Sisters 2013-Biloxi

On Friday night, J & I headed to Hard Rock Biloxi for the Pointer Sisters concert. And get this, J even received Meet & Greet tickets to talk and take a photo with his favorite gals. If you want to know more of J’s deep deep deep affection with the Pointer Sisters, click HERE and HERE.

Before the concert, we headed to Mary Mahoney’s across the street for a cocktail and delicious dinner.

Mary Mahoneys

MM sign

Mary Mahoneys entrance

Cocktails Mary Mahoneys

Once back at the Hard Rock, we were whisked into a conference room where a group of about 12 fans were able to speak with the sisters (and daughter) and take photos with them.

Pointers Picture with Jeff

J has been on cloud nine ever since. What started out as a love for the song “Automatic” turned into a complete obsession with his favorite group.

Pointers on stage

Myself, I have been to 5 concerts now, and they never disappoint. Their song list holds up the test of time---“Jump”, “I’m So Excited”, “Neutron Dance”, “Dare Me”, “Slow Hand”, “Fire”, and on and on….

Check out their “I’m So Excited” performance:

After the concert, Issa Pointer joined us in the central bar in the casino to share a cocktail. I think J knew more about her famous mom and sister than she did. Can I say super fan stalker??? Here is Jeff, Issa, and Craig (another super fan).

Issa and friends

I am so excited that this super fan received the best Christmas “gift” he could ever receive, a meeting with his Pointer Sisters. He has not stopped talking about it. Bucket List-check!


So excited, y’all!


  1. That is so exciting! So happy that J finally got to meet them! Have a great day! xoxo

  2. Awesome!! I'd be excited too ~ :)


  3. Awesome! I'd be excited too ~ love their music.

    If this is a duplicate post, please delete the other. Not my computer and a bit of a glitch now & then...sorry!


  4. Replies
    1. Ron, I'm obsessed with that tiny "one drink" side table. I remember you featured them a few months back and see it again in the dining room pics. I would LOVE to have one. Can you share a link to either the store they were purchased in or tell me where I could possibly buy one? I've been searching forever for something like this! Thanks for the great blogs, I read them daily!

  5. Om my what a fun night that must have been! I bet it was a high energy night!

  6. GREAT BALLS OF wonder all the excitement. THE POINTER SISTERS...
    *heavy sigh

    So thrilled ya'll got to see them, talk to them and have these fabulous photos with them.
    AWESOME !!

  7. How lucky of you to get Meet & Greet tickets! What a dream come true! Ben, my 4 year old LOVES Taj Mahal -Blues singer/musician. He is coming to a venue streets away from us and I am going to try to get them to allow him in. Ben knows all the words and sings with all his heart. He would be so excited to see Taj Mahal in person. I think everyone should get a chance to meet their idols...even if you are only four!


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