Sunday, January 5, 2014



Warm coat. Check. Scarf. Check. Soup’s on. Check.

Check out the forecast for the next few days in Southern Louisiana.


It will be the coldest here that I remember in a long time. The temps are really cold for South LA.


I’m off to cover my plants.

How are the temperatures in your “neck of the woods”?

And I am happy to report a Saints win. Bless You Boys! It is now on to Seattle.

saints win

Stay Warm, y’all!


  1. Brrrr!!!! Going to have to stay inside the next few days! Bundle up when you head out in the morning. Might have to make some soup, too, or defrost my seafood gumbo. Have a great day! xoxo

  2. Ron,
    BRRRR right back at ya!!
    Congrats on that Saints win! My son is a big Saints fan as well so he too was a happy camper last night .

  3. Brrrrrrrr is right!! They are predicting 8-10 inches of snow today and a wind chill of -30 to -40 tomorrow......and at the moment we have an overnight camping field trip scheduled later this week with the kiddos. Yikes! Hope you have a great day and keep warm!!

  4. too cold to go back to school, right??? xo Cheryl, TX

  5. Brrr... it is so cold outside here in southwest Missouri, 4 degrees now with blowing snow, expecting a wind chill of -10 tonight! Hubby will be painting our guest room today, so I have spinach/artichoke stuffed chicken breasts, with mashed potato souffle on the menu. I would so love to spend the day watching old movies, but there is work to be done!

    I love your blog after just happening upon it one day, now I am a follower!

  6. In North Alabama, our high tomorrow is SIXTEEN. Teachers go back to school tomorrow, but no kids. I have already texted to make sure of no professional development because I am sure my layers of sweatsuits will look anything but professional! (Did I mention this is in North ALABAMA? Not North Dakota???)

  7. Any team that beats Philly I love so go Saints. We've freezing got freezing weather in Dallas today. High for the next few days mid 30's with low's in the upper teens. Soup's on here too. Stay warm this week!

  8. I'm embarrassed to say that our temps are in the 70's. I feel so bad for all of my blogging friends in areas where it is so cold. Stay warm and cover your lovely plants.

  9. we are getting ready for a frigid few days around here. you know how we are here in the south...everything will shut down but this is supposed to be the coldest it's been since the 70s. I made a pot of chicken tortilla soup and my husband wants me to make some banana puddin' for dessert! stay warm ron!

  10. Those are some cold temps for sure! We are expecting even colder temps than that so I think we will be adjusting as well. We turned off the water to our outside faucets so hopefully, that will keep them from freezing. I think everyone is going to be cold tomorrow and Tuesday.

  11. Hey Ron, pretty cold for you, but we are in the deep freeze here...forty five below windchill predicted for tomorrow. Brrrrr! Stay cozy! Jane

  12. Well, Ron & J -- speaking of Seattle it was sunny and nice today, like in the high 40s. Where I live just outside the city it was overcast until about 1PM. And yes, we are looking forward to hosting the Saints this coming Saturday. Just saw Drew Brees on our local news, he said they are planning to come up with a new game plan for their second visit to the Emerald City. "Good Luck y'all" ... Susan N. Kent.WA

  13. Left Georgia in the wee hours and it was about 50, now in Texas and it is in the 20s and windy! Heading home tomorrow. However it is supposed to dip below zero with the wind chill factor! Not fun!!

  14. brrrrr is right. It's 9 degrees here this morning.
    Soups on......

  15. Our low here in Sarasota, FL is 39 tonight with a high tomorrow of 52, which is quite cold for us, but by Friday we are back to near 80 - Yay!

  16. That is just soooo WRONG!!!!!! It isn't supposed to be that cold in NO!!!!!!!!
    Try to keep warm....
    jane in tx

  17. Hope your temps are warmer and you don't have any plant damage. We were down to 6 deg here in the Atlanta area...record low.


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