Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It’s Carnival Season, y’all!


Ok, so I’m a couple days “tardy for the party”, but I’d like to extend a Happy Carnival season to you.

king cake

Carnival season officially begins on January 6 and lasts until Mardi Gras day on March 4.

How does one celebrate? I celebrated with a slice of king cake, of course.


J picked up one of our favorites Party Palace from our neighborhood grocer, Zara’s. They get them from their Kenner bakery. It is oh-so-delicious.


Mardi Gras is one of J & my favorite seasons, so let the good times roll.


You can click HERE to read more of the history of the king cake.


I know many of you have stories of the cold, but I was surprised to see these icicles hanging from the gutters today. It stayed under 35 today. It is so cold here in NOLA.




And the sugar kettle…


Laissez les bons temps rouler, y’all!


  1. Happy Carnival season to you! I know how much you love this season and am looking forward to seeing your decorations in future blog posts. It is so very cold here, too. Only getting out if I absolutely have to. Raising my cup of coffee to you as I read this post. Have a good day and stay warm! Brrrrr! xoxo

  2. The kiddos are finally back to school, although it was only 10 degrees at the bus stop. Wishing I had a slice of king cake to enjoy with my morning coffee!

  3. I love Mardi Gras season, but I need to decompress a little more from Christmas first! My husband did go ahead and pull my box of Mardi Gras decorations into the house while he was putting away the Christmas things. He said he knew I would just send him back to get them anyway. Smart man.

  4. Oh- You poor poor poor S'uthern boy with one icicle. lol Happy Carnival days to you. I know you revel in all the fun and excitement it creates. Have a wonderful day and eat an extra piece of King Cake for me! xo Diana

  5. I have tried baking these cakes in the past, and will probably do so again this year - but actually closer to Mardi Gras. It must be fun to be there during Carnival Season.

  6. Happy Carnival Season!! We have had to keep adding extra water and turned the waterfall and fountain up on the pond to keep it from freezing. Would hate to lose my koi!

  7. You are a school teacher and shame on you. "J and I's favorite season"!! Really? I'm no English teacher but I believe it should read "J and my favorite season".

    1. I don't teach English. LOL! The correction is appreciated. The text stands corrected.

  8. I've had king cake before and it's pretty good! I once worked with a guy that grew up in LA and always brought a cake in to share with the office staff. He explained the tradition and it was really interesting.

  9. You and J sure enjoy a lot of good times down there! The King cake looks so good. I wish I only had one icicle around here! Happy Carnival days- party on!!

  10. Happy Carnival season to you and J!! That king cake sure looks good!


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