Friday, January 17, 2014

My Newest 30-day Accessory


Isn’t she beautiful?


I will be wearing the TELErhythmics heart monitor for 30 days to detect arrhythmias that I have experienced since last January.

During my December echo, my heart was again in A-Fib. I went back to the doctor’s office a couple days later for an EKG, and I was back in regular rhythm. Back and forth, up and down, left and right!

My cardiologist decided that he wanted me to wear the heart monitor for a 30-day period. Oh boy! I picked it up yesterday--- 29 days to go.


The TELErhythmics Heart Monitor is a constantly monitoring 2-lead EKG that records selectively. I have 2 leads on my chest that are connected by wires to this pager-looking/sized black device. It's constantly monitoring my heart, but only records when I press a button or when my HR goes over 150 or under 40. The 60 seconds prior to the trigger and the 30 seconds after are recorded and stored in the device as "events." The device can record up to 3 events, which are then transmitted VIA phone to some technicians at some company who send the short strips to my cardiologist. To do this, I call them from a land line, tell them about my symptoms during the event, and put the mouthpiece of the phone and press a button to send. The pager-ish device proceeds to make a scary fax machine screechy noise for several minutes and that's it. Then the events are cleared and the fun starts all over again.


Please say a few prayers for me. I appreciate them.

TELErhythmics, y’all !


  1. Know this is scary for you, Ron. Hopefully this data will help the doctor figure it out. You got those prayers.

  2. Wow Ron that's interesting. I hope all goes well with it. Someone I know just had an event that sent him to the hospital. He was diagnosed with AFIb. I don't know what they do for it but it sounds like your doctor is being very pro-active which is good. Big hugs, Liz

  3. Prayers for you, Ron! You need to take care of yourself. Have a good day! xoxo

  4. Praying Ron! It can be scary. My mom has done this before and all was fine. We knew she had mitral valve prolapse, bit everything else check out fine.

  5. My husband has been through this process before! We have a Verizon wireless home phone, so the results had to be phoned in from a phone with the traditional connection. He just went to the doctor's office to phone them in. Medicine is taking care of this for him. I send good health vibes to you!

  6. Oh Ron! I will be praying for you. I had to wear a heart monitor recently nut not for 48 hrs and it was not as fancy as yours. It can really scare you...especially since we are so young, right!? I will be thinking of you and wishing for the best. J too. It was upsetting for my husband I am sure J is worried too.

  7. At least it's not swim season :-). Love and hugs. Keep me posted. xo

  8. Oh- You KNOW I am saying a prayer for you, Ron. God bless ya, buddy. I am glad they are monitoring you-better safe than sorry! xo Diana

  9. Take care of your self Ron. Hopefully it will be a quick fix for you.

  10. Bless your HEART! I had to do this a few months ago, and what a total nuisance! But you'll have peace of mind knowing what is going on.

  11. Ron,
    My husband battled A-Fib for a little more than a year. Medication didn't work, and he had several Cardioversions that didn't hold. He finally had an ablation at University of Michigan Hospital (wonderful people). The first one corrected the rhythm for several months but it returned. He had a second one to touch up areas missed in the first one and it did the trick. He has been in rhythm now for almost two years. He's off the Comindin, now just taking an asprin a day. He only takes one pill for high blood pressure which he's working on getting off of.

    We went to his heart doc this week and got a great report. His heart is in rythum and beating wonderfully.

    I know how frustrating this process is, but continue on with your doctor's treatment. I think I read you were going to a University Hospital as well. I believe they are on the cutting edge of treatments as they must be current in order to educate future doctors.

    Stay strong and confident you will beat this. My husband is 68 doing well and enjoys his cocktails daily and and a full wonderful life as you do.

    May God Bless your Heart and I'll say a prayer for you all this month.

  12. Goo luck with this. Although it is hard to adjust to, I am sure it will get easier. Make sure that you get lots of TLC from Jeff!

  13. Hey Ron and Jeff; You have been in my Prayers for a long time now!!! I wish the Best for you, Always. XO....

  14. Just got my monitor & am having technical difficulties (twice). No fun to wear in the summer, but better in the summer than when I am teaching. XOXO


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