Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Scentsational Scoop… {French Tulip}


I am letting J take over the reigns today as his most favorite candle is the one I am featuring today, Seda France’s French Tulip. Every January, I stock up on this scent because it is a great one to “ring in the new year”.


pagoda box

Hi. I am happy to take over from Ron today to write my very first blog post. I will keep this one short and sweet (literally). My favorite candle is French Tulip by Seda France. Ron usually makes sure to order several candles for use in the parlor, the den, the powder room, and the two upstairs’ baths. Ron also uses the reed diffusers, room mists, and hand soaps in each bath. He even gifted me with a couple bar soaps at Christmas. You know that Ron does not ever believe in just ONE. ONE is not a word in his vocabulary. LOL!

Ron and I first discovered the French Tulip scent in Atlanta from Providence on N. Highland. It is no longer there.







I am happy to have visited with you today.

room mists

hand soap


The French Tulip candle will transport you to Paris in the spring and open air flower markets. This green fresh blend includes jasmine, rose, lemon, clove, sage and rosewood for a complex green note. Magnifique!

You can find the French Tulip scent at Little Miss Muffin or Hazelnut here in New Orleans.

And do not forget the GIVE AWAY!!!

Click HERE.


French Tulip, y’all!


  1. Well done, J! It's always a treat to get a good candle review here and I was reminded again how much I love that bathroom paper!

  2. Bravo! A natural candle reviewer if I've ever seen one. I only wish my computer screen was scratch and sniff!
    I drop by Hazelnut sometimes when I'm in NO, so I'll be sure to look for it.

  3. A lovely post about this candle. I love them too and will try to remember this one. Tell Ron 'thank you' for following my Kiki blog! :)
    Be a couple of sweeties,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Back to say I'm a new follower. So thankful for your visit so I can get to know you.
    Continue being a sweetie,

  5. The French Tulip by Seda France is my favorite candle....the scent is so amazing!!!!! Great post :o)

  6. Nice job, J. I will have to check out this candle. Have a great day! xoxo

  7. I think you need to invite J to write posts on your blog more often. He's telling secrets about you! LOL! I bet your house smells divine. I love good scents like that. Your candle holders are even pretty! Thanks for the recommendation.

  8. Sounds heavenly! Will have to look for it as I have gone through my stash of candles, and always love to have several on hand (yes, I too am one to buy multiples of things I adore). On a side note, that wallpaper in the powder room is to die for!

  9. What a wonderful idea! I'm sure the fragrance is amazing!

  10. Thank you J! I wish I could scratch the screen and smell! The description sounds wonderful.

  11. I'm a fan of all of their products. Did you know that Seda France is an Austin company?
    Love French Tulip fragrance.

  12. One King's Lane is having a sale on Seda candles right now. Offering a great price. A set of two for $34.

  13. Hi J, my name is Pat and I'm a candleholic!
    So nice to hear from you. I haven't heard of this particular candle so I'm glad you shared!
    I see that OKL is having a sale re: above comment. Will go check it out ~


  14. Hey R & J!! J-I met you in Indy, when we all went out to dinner with Tracey. Just wanted to let you know that I have been reading this blog since!! I love it! It was so great to meet you..and R--you really make want to say y'all (but I just dont think I can get away with it)! Would love to see/meet you both another time!

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