Monday, January 20, 2014

Reindeer Moss


I am quite late with this post today as I have thoroughly enjoyed my day off from work.

Do you ever make your own arrangements? centerpieces? Well? I do! And I love to use spring green reindeer moss (available in gray also) as the base and in the “holes” of any arrangement.


Not inexpensive at $22.50 per bag, it is available at a local nursery, The Garden Gates on Metairie Road, but one bag does go a long way.


I recently used some of the moss in my large concrete shell on the entry table in the parlor.



I also used the reindeer moss in two cast iron urns holding faux lemons in the kitchen.



I start by placing a large “clump” in the container and spreading it out. I continue to pile the reindeer moss until I feel enough is enough. I place the objects atop the moss then fill in with smaller amounts to fill those gaps.




  • The reindeer moss stays soft. If the air is extremely dry it will harden some, but returns to normal softness with the return of normal humidity.
  • The moss is non-toxic and flame retardant.
  • It is colorfast as the color will maintain its original beauty.
  • You can attach to a Styrofoam base using green pins or a glue gun.

I prefer to use this product over the gray Spanish moss.

Reindeer moss, y’all!


  1. I love reindeer moss! So easy to work with. But, right now I am swooning over those shells!!!!! The aqua color is to die for. And, $22 for a bag that size seems quite reasonable. Michael's wants and arm and a leg for a small bag!

  2. Ron, I keep a bag of reindeer moss for just such uses. I like the soft spongy texture.

  3. I do use reindeer moss in my arrangements but have never ever seen it in grey!!!! Hmmm....I must hunt that down now! LOL
    Have a great week!

  4. Looks great, Ron - and I love the urn! I am glad you enjoyed your day off. My kids had off today for MLK but it looks like they might get another one tomorrow! We are expecting 5-9 inches of snow! This has been one crazy winter!

  5. I love adding moss to arrangements and plants too Ron. I LOVE how pretty your concrete shell looks!!

  6. Love the reindeer moss in Green and the gorgeous bowl where you have those lovely lemons.

  7. You have a real decorating talent, Ron.

  8. Oh Lordy. I scoop this up by the handfuls and my parent's house in North FL. Although their version is grey and your green moss looks more. . . mossy! I tuck it everywhere - even on my Christmas tree!
    When we meet someday in blogger heaven someday, I'll bring you a big 'ole bag!
    (And your urn is adorable!)

  9. I just made an orchid and moss arrangement for my kitchen table and I am loving your arrangements. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  10. Beautiful arrangements Ron. I remember the first time I saw reindeer moss growing live in Florida on a visit from NYC. The texture! I still luv it. I have never thought to underlay my arrangements with it though. Thanks for the tip. LUV both the lemons and the shells.
    I too enjoyed a nice long 3 day weekend. :)
    Happy rest of week.

  11. I missed this post yesterday, so I'm a day late on commenting. That is a great idea on using the reindeer moss. I never thought about doing that--maybe, it's because I have no decorating talent! :/ I will, though, remember this tip in the future. Those "faux" lemons look so real! Have a great day! xoxo

  12. Well, I am going into town today and a bag is on my shopping list. Thanks for showing me how to use it....
    xo bj

  13. So pretty! I like it much better than the gray also. A bit late responding...not really enjoying good health this week.



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