Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Laissez les bon temps rouler…Muses Shoes {Mardi Gras 2014}


I think that those of you who do not understand Mardi Gras think we like to “collect” junk during the season. Shoes! Purses! Beads! More!

One of my growing collections is Muses Shoes. This first one is not mine, but it is a fave.


The prized throw from one of my favorite parades is highly sought after. Glittered shoes emblazoned with the krewe’s title and year are often presented in plastic bags tied with seasonal ribbons. Read more about the Krewe of Muses here.


I cannot wait to this year’s all-female krewe. I hope several shoes come our way.

fan up



mardi gras

This year, my shoes are displayed as a collection on the central table in the stair parlor.







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Muses Shoes, y’all!



  1. Thanks for sharing the details of Mardi Gras Ron! I am just fascinated by it all!! The shoes are quite elaborate.

  2. That's neat Ron- the shoes are fun! I know so little about Mardi Gras except what I've seen on tv. My first introduction to it was in a James Bond movie- I guess I've lived a sheltered life! I know a lot of people make a special trips down there to join in the festivities. Your posts have offered additional light on the subject!

  3. I hope you score a few more shoes during the Krewe of Muse's parade to add to your collection! I liked Mardi Gras Toile New Orleans on Facebook, and you know I follow you! If I win the giveaway, the towel will be displayed on my bar next to my new New Orleans bar towel from Chic Chateau. What will I do with the coffee mug? Well, I guess I'll have to drink coffee out of it! ;) Have a great day, and I hope you are over that stomach virus. xoxo

  4. Mercy me, Ron...I've never seen such fun, adorable, colorful shoes in my entire looong life. What a blast it must be to live where Mardi Gras is so much fun.
    I am keeping my fingers crossed to win your fabulous giveaway.
    I would use both of them in my new vanity room...sipping tea from the mug and staring at the pretty towel. :)
    Thanks so much for the chance to win....and I am a long time follower.
    xo bj

  5. OK...I've liked you and MGT on FB....
    Thanks again.

  6. My gosh, Ron- What a GREAT collection. Those shoes are amazing. What fun to have them. So-do they throw the shoes or can you purchase them or? Love all I am learning here. AND, because I already won one of your wonderful give-aways I won't sign up for this one. (even though I have a whole lavender room)...lol xo Diana

  7. Hope you and Jeff get many this year.

  8. Ron, I am totally blown away by this collection! Amazing! I went to World Market here today to see if they had some Mardi Gras trimmings. You have motivated me to try to find some things for our house.

  9. LOVE the Toile cup and guest towel...would use them both for my own lil self!!!

  10. Hey Ron; The Shoes are just too Beautiful!!!! I hope that you and Jeff are able to get many for your Collection!! Take Care :-)

  11. Hey Ron! Love your Muses shoes! I am also in love with the Mardi Gras Toile. Since I am newly living on the parade route in Thibodaux, I would display the towel next to my other Mardi Gras hand towel from Loomed in NOLA so that all my friends can view it during our parade parties! I am also a coffee lover, so the mug would be used for my morning coffee :) Love getting decorating ideas from your posts! Hope all is well!

    Natalie Gaubert

  12. I moved from NOLA 12 years ago and miss it so much. I would love to add this to my collection of Mardi Gras decorations!!

  13. I moved from NOLA 12 years ago and miss it so much. I would love to add this to my collection of Mardi Gras decorations!

  14. I haven't been to Mardi Gras in way too long and I'm loving all these posts! The shoes are amazing...and how fun. Is the only way to obtain them is via the parades?

    Have fun!

  15. I'm so jelly of your shoes and your spot on the parade route! Hope you are enjoying Carnivale!


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