Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring has Sprung

Today is the first day of Spring, and it is off to a beautiful start. Temperatures are in the 70s, and it is sunny. Let’s hope this continues for a long time. Look at that sky!
My petunias in the front garden are in full force. I planted the purple petunias back in the Fall, and they have loved the cooler temperatures we experienced this winter.
Along with petunias, I planted white alyssum along the perimeter of the bed and at the base of the sugar kettle. I adore the carpet of white the alyssum brings to the garden.
Purple petunias even fill a black cast iron planter accessorizing my entrance.
Foxtail ferns fill two rectangular planters on the porch.

Happy Spring, y’all!


  1. Happy spring Ron! We got snow delivered as our welcome to spring! Lol... Your plants look good. The purple petunias are a nice pop of color. I'm staring at gardening magazines and dreaming right now :-)

  2. Ron, your flowers are beautiful! I can't wait to get out and refresh my pots and beds. Hopefully, we won't have anymore hard freezes going forward. Your home looks beautiful! Happy Spring to you, too!

  3. I sure am lovin' your pretty purple petunias with the whites....your house is so pretty.
    In the past, we've had freezes out here in West Texas as late as April. Fruit trees are blooming and many times, they have frozen and fruit. :(
    Hope the weather stays nice.

  4. I'm drinking my coffee at this exact moment out of my Cafe Du Monde mug, and I was thinking, "this would be a perfectly beautiful day to visit New Orleans!" Happy Spring to you!

  5. Good morning, Ron! Today is going to be a beautiful day celebrating the first day of Spring! Love your purple pansies--your beds are always so beautiful. I have yellow and white planted in my front beds, thanks to my landscaper! ;) Have a great day! xoxo

  6. I'm so jealous of all of your pretty flowers in bloom right now. I haven't done anything outside yet. It has just been too cold to do anything. However, today is very sunny and nice so hopefully it will stick around for awhile. I love the little water feature you have outside too. I bet that makes a nice sound.

  7. Ron your home looks lovely! Love the pop of purple!!

  8. Hi, Ron!
    My husband, daughter and I are spending our Spring Break next week in NOLA and I was wanting you to tell me your top 3 favorite restaurants! Also, I love the Foxtail Ferns. I would love to buy some next week.
    P.S. My 14 year old daughter and I read your Blog every day and my daughter said the other day that she would love to run into Ron in New Orleans! You have "star status"!!!

    1. I hope you get this as I do not have your email address. My top restaurants are Upperline, La Petite Grocery, Commanders Palace, Mr Bs Bistro, and Galatoire's. I also suggest that you check out the many fab shoppes along Magazine Street: Pavement, Aux Belles Choses, Orient Expeess, Hazelnut, Scriptura, Gentry, Perlis, and more. Send me your email address!

  9. Your home is lovely! We have had so many hard freezes this year that almost everything is dead in my yard! I need to get busy sprucing it up!

  10. Ron, everything looks so pretty. Love the purple blossoms. It all makes me so happy.
    Petunias always work well and they last. Working away on the test blog....

  11. OMGOSH, Ron! That looks fantastic. Your gardens are just beautiful and the front of your house looks beautiful...warm and welcoming (just like you- not that you look like a house I know you "get me"). We had SNOW yesterday! uh-huh- nothing growing here-except my nails and hair! xo Diana


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