Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CHAIRish the Memories


The favorite leather recliner in my den finally bit the dust. Well, it actually did bite the dust a while back, but J & I could not part with it.


A couple weeks ago, the reclining mechanism finally collapsed making the chair useless. The chair does not close. Poor J! He sits in the chair nightly, so I knew we’d have to find another one. The chair was one of the first purchases we made after building our Atlanta home in 2004. I can remember when it was delivered. It was delivered late on a Saturday making us late for my BFFs 40th birthday soiree. If anyone knows J & I, we are never late. That was 10 years ago because Greg turns the big 5-0 this summer.

Here is the chair in our master bedroom when the house was staged for sale.

Atlanta Home

After searching the internet for leather recliners {Ballard Designs, Restoration Hardware, Bassett, Lazboy}, we both liked the distressed leather tufted back recliner by Opulence Home of High Point, N.C. The reviews online were stellar, so we decided to click “purchase”. It arrived yesterday, and we both could not be happier.






The older chair was tossed out into the huge trash receptacle, and it was found by a new owner less than 12 hours later. One person’s trash is another’s treasure. The trash receptacle is in front of the neighbor’s home because her crew tore down an old shed in the backyard. Pretty, huh?


Unquestionably refined, the Cambridge Recliner, our newest recliner, is a timeless take on a classic design! Exquisitely tailored rolled arms that gently step back are adorned with hand applied brass nail-head trim that continues down the front, across the reclining foot rest, and over the elegantly curved button tufted back creating a stately silhouette. The box style seat cushion, accented with welting, is constructed of high density down-fill and enhanced with an inner-spring for exceptional comfort and ride. The reclining mechanism, with an extended foot rest, adjusts to three positions for irresistible relaxation. The attractively turned wood feet are finished in mid-tone cherry that compliments the 100% premium grade leather. I especially like the distressed look of the leather. It is very Ralph Lauren.


Out with the old; in with the new. The new one is somewhat smaller and fits the space perfectly. For now, it is not as comfy but that will take some breaking in.


Leather Recliner, y’all!


  1. 10 years! I can't believe it didn't last longer. We have never had a recliner, so I don't know their life span? Maybe that was a long time. But, I sure would love the new one.

  2. Wow! The resemblance, is amazing. May J enjoy it just as much with many more years! :)

  3. That is one beautiful recliner! I'm surprised you didn't take of picture of J in the new one. ;) Recliners don't last long--we are on our third set in 31 years! Have a great day! xoxo

  4. LOVE IT that pillow too!! We had a dumpster sitting in our driveway for three weeks to get rid of all the old flooring!! So HAPPY to see it gone!!

  5. I love the tufting of the new chair, Ron. I hope J likes it.

  6. Glad Jeff got another so soon.

  7. R& the new recliner. I especially love the distressed look of the leather. Isn't if funny how we become so attached to a certain chair or piece of furniture and it almost feels like a "death" in the family when we have to depart with it? One of the biggest arguments my mother and stepfather ever had was when she tossed out his old leather recliner and replaced it with a new one as a surprise gift. He threw a fit! It didn't matter to him that the old chair was broken, stained, and sat sideways it was his and he loved it. He even threated that he was going to the local "Goodwill" store where she donated it and retrieve it. Finally, he warmed up to the new recliner but it took a while.

  8. Isn't it nice to shop using our computers? Complete with customer reviews! We bought a 2-recliner loveseat from Lazyboy and it has been the best purchase we have made. After a busy day, a shower and a decaff with irish cream, it feels so GOOD! Your leather recliner is beautiful and I bet it feels as good as it looks! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Beautiful chair, Ron! Love the distressed leather and nail-head trim! Gorgeous replacement!

  10. I love the style of this chair, so pretty. Great find. Hugs, marty

  11. Ron, I think the new recliner is just beautiful, I love that it already looks vintage....
    Enjoy your new chair...


  12. Love the new recliner! I love aged leather. And, really not surprised someone took the old one out of the dumpster.

  13. A very handsome new recliner! Oh yes, toss something out and someone will find it!!

  14. Love the chair - it really looks good and comfortable. I think you really got a lot of good use out of the old one.

  15. Love your new recliner. Ours is holding on after about 10 years. Just FYI my sister bought the one from Ballard and is disappointed in it. She says it is too shallow and not deep enough to cuddle up in. I think yours looks so cozy.

  16. Great, classic near High Point and going to Market this week...great place! Enjoy your new chair!

  17. Love it,Ron. Watching A Housewives of BH reunion episode and catching up here. I lvoe that the chair already has that Loved and Lived In look. I hope that it becomes really comfy soon- xo Diana

  18. So isn't it so hard to buy a chair without sitting in it first…that's how my clients feel and it's tough to take a leap of faith. Our Pottery Barn Leather Recliners are still going strong after 10 years…that was a good decision.

  19. You chose a great chair . I hope ya'll enjoy it for many years.

  20. I do love the new chair- the design around the outer edge is so sharp! I am also so thrilled to see the picture across the street. That big old tree is fabulous- what a great climber and I bet it has a long history! Seeing a few of the homes in your neighborhood is wonderful. That's funny how quickly the chair disappeared. Perhaps someone will figure a way to fix the mechanism?

  21. This is an incredibly beautiful chair! The details are impeccable and it looks perfect in that space. I hope you both enjoy it for years to come.

    The photo of your former bedroom in ATL is stunning! I will have to look for photos of that house. I can only imagine how gorgeous it was.


  22. Love it. Would u share the site u ordered from? The only one I can find requires purchasing a pair. This is just what I've been looking for. Thanks.

    1. Vikki- Please send me your email address, please. I will send you the link:)

  23. I love the style of the new chair. Good purchase.

  24. Hi Ron,

    I am excited you love your new recliner. We are a family owned and operated company that uses the very furniture we sell in our own homes everyday. We love to see pictures of other family's using and enjoying our furniture!

    Thank you so much for your support,

    ~Opulence Home


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