Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dapper in Seersucker


Thanks for the compliments on my newest suit, khaki seersucker. Many of you thought it was white in the photographs, but it is actually seersucker.


The seersucker suit is perfect for New Orleans’ climate as it allows its wearer to stay cooler in the hot and humid South. I have had the standard blue and white for many years, but I thought that the khaki and white would be an excellent twist on the standard. Khaki goes with just about everything.



Though I did not purchase the new suit for my school’s Gala, it was the perfect opportunity to wear the dressy, light-colored suit.

Of course, I dressed it up for even more Southern style.

The Ellington cap toe saddle oxfords are from Johnston & Murphy. The color combo is perfect for Spring/Summer.



I am also so fortunate to have a shop like NOLA Couture so close by. I purchased the new bow tie, pocket square, and cuff links from the shop.


The bow tie is from the mini gulf oyster collection.



The pocket square features pelicans on sky blue with orange piping.



The cuff links are a perfect orange finishing touch.



Any excuse I get to don my oyster buckle belt is always fun.

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Dapper, y’all!


  1. Lookin' sharp, Ron! Best dressed. xoxo, Linda

  2. That is one dapper seersucker suit and is so New Orleans and so you! You definitely need to win "best dressed"! Love the saddle oxfords, pocket square, and bow tie, too--your ensemble is the embodiment of the Southern gentleman! Have a great day! xoxo

  3. Perfect Southern gentleman. I love the things from NOLA Couture:)

  4. You look very handsome in your new suit....love it!!

  5. I love a seersucker suit! Just so Southern! My ex-husband wore one when we married back in the 70's! Your addition of blue and orange is just so smart looking! Dapper indeed!


  6. oh my Lord Ron...what an awesome look you have! We were able to attend the Kentucky Derby in 2010 and this is near the exact outfit my hubs wore and it was such a nostalgic amazing look! He told me then if not for the Kentucky Derby no seersucker would be sold...buy you my friend...make that statement so not true!

  7. You look Sharp and dandy Ron! I love seersucker suits and the shoes are perfect for the entire look! My Sil loves the one he's got, and wears it where he lives, a hot city.

  8. Very dapper Ron! My Mister only wears bow ties but now he needs a seersucker suit. I'm taking him shopping this weekend!

  9. Quite fashionable, Ron! My husband enjoys seersucker in the summer! Such a good fashion choice!

  10. This suit has the perfect coloration for spring and summer. You look dapper in it. Love the bow tie.

  11. Looks fantastic on you! Perfectly pulled together Southern Gent. Love the shoes as well.

  12. i love seersucker suits....one of the attorneys i worked with had his favorite seersucker suit for summer court...he claimed it brought him good luck! you look like the perfect southern gentlemen in that suit...i'd give anything if i could convince my husband to dress like you do! i'm going to have to start calling you "dapper ron"!

  13. Ron, You look very spiffy....just like a proper Southern gentleman should.

  14. Love it all! Very handsome! Obviously I love the oyster shell bow tie. Pelicans are a favorite too!

  15. Ron, you do know how to pull together a classic look. Every detail! My husband has the typical blue seersucker suit. Love the look!

  16. That's a sharp suit and it looks great on you. I like the color of it and the shoes! Dan has a pair of J & M shoes- they're made so well- classic and attractive!

  17. Dapper indeed! Love that word and that look you are sporting...very Southern! ;)

  18. You are such a snappy Southern dresser. Can you imagine how Mr. Sweet dresses ??? Born and bred in the great state of Texas, it's boots and cowboy hats, with big belt buckles and cowboy shirts.
    Oh, and we just painted our bedroom in a light khaki.

  19. Speaking of the KY Derby, it is almost time! And as a native Kentuckian who lived in NOLA, we extend a personal invitation to you and J to attend! That suit would be perfect, and you wear it so well. Vicki in Louisville KY.

  20. Absolutely beautiful suit and you look extremely handsome in all of your attire. Seersucker is such a great fabric and yes, very appropriate for the heat and humidity of the south. Your shoes and accessories are perfect!


  21. QUITE dapper! Happy French Quarter Fest!


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