Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hello Grand Isle, I’m Back!


After a half-day of school yesterday, J & I left for our destination, Grand Isle.


After a little bit of this last evening at Camp Crisco….


And some of this this morning…


I’ll see you on the beach.

What are you up to this weekend? I certainly hope you have a great one.

ecard beach

Grand Isle, y’all!


  1. Visiting you from my friend Nellie's blog. Have a great weekend! My son is visiting me from Chicago so it will be a nice weekend for me too.

  2. Cheers to you, Ron! I know you are in your glory! Have a great weekend--like I even need to tell you that! Put on the sunscreen--oh, that's true you have your Bain de Soleil with NO protection! ;) Off to the Zurich Classic today! xoxo

  3. Cheers back at you. Have a fantastic week-end. The beach sounds fantastic.xo

  4. Feeling a little jealous Y'all. Just having a relaxing weekend and home. I did spend a week in March and another earlier this month in South Flat , so I guess I shouldn't complain.
    Enjoy yourselves R and J! Drink one for me....
    HUGS, Gee

  5. Fun! Enjoy. I managed to score some great candlesticks and "the" mirror for my foyer revamp.

  6. Lucky you...have fun!!
    Love your signature Ron...just noticed it!

  7. Hope you're having a great time! Looks like the perfect place to relax.

  8. Oh...lucky you! Yard work yesterday....rain and wind today. Have fun! ;)

  9. Looks like fun! I'm glad to be able to get out in my yard and do something- the snow is gone and now it's time for my gardens and outdoor enjoyment!


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