Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hoppin’ in the Front Garden {Spring 2014}


Look “who” found his way into the front garden.


I found this crusty yet cute concrete hare at The Plant Gallery while picking up some plants last week. He is a perfect addition to the seasonal garden.



This year I planted masses of diamond frost euphorbia, a cloud of whispy white flowers surrounded by lush green leaves. I decided last year that I wanted to plant this after seeing the gorgeous blooms at The Garden Gates nursery. The blooms look like snow.




I even added the diamond frost euphorbia to my hanging baskets and the cast iron urns on the porch.






Is it Spring in your “neck of the woods”?


Off to French Quarter Festival……. talk to you later! Have a great weekend!

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Hoppin’, y’all!


  1. Love the euphorbia! I never thought to put it in hanging baskets. I want to plant an all white garden someday. White shows up nicely from the street and always looks so nice and cool when the dog days of summer set in. And you know they're coming. looking good, Ron, as always!

  2. He's a cutie patootie. Lisa Liu

  3. Busy day! Love the bunny in the garden! I have a very old chippy one and he is missing me being home and planting some spring flowers! Enjoy the French Quarter Festival!


  4. Love your bunny and the flowers are stunning.

  5. Looks like bunny is right at home in your garden. What a cutie.
    Happy Gardening and have a great weekend.

  6. Beautiful urn, and the rabbit is the perfect touch!

  7. It's good to have the concrete variety in the garden.:-) We have had a few live ones on our property in past years. None have appeared as yet this season. The flowers have such an ethereal appearance! Love them! You'll have a busy day!

  8. Cute bunny! I planted Diamond Frost several years ago. I need to get some again. I like to plant only white blooms for my back gardens. Thanks for the reminder.
    It all looks great. I'll be busy in the garden all weekend. Lots to do and a great way to spend my days.

  9. Beautiful. I love an all white and green palette in a yard. So soothing.

  10. I love cement characters like that in the garden. I have a basket of puppies by my mailbox. Love that white flowering plant too! I'm sure it will do well in your garden.

  11. I LOVE your cute bunny. I have a fond spot for them in my garden and home, too. They are such sweet, gentle little creatures. Love that frothy looking flower. Do you ever plant Sweet Alyssum? It,too, looks like snow and has the sweetest smell ever. xo Diana

  12. Your concrete bunny looks so at home in your garden, and I love the diamond euphorbia! So spring-like. xoxo

  13. Cutest bunny...and your plants look just amazing. They will be so lush a bit later.

  14. Love that bunny! I have a tall one by my front door that sports different bows around his neck during the year!
    Also, I love any plant that will drape out of a basket like sweet potato vine and a vinca vine. :-)

  15. I like Diamond Frost in my containers..Never tried it in the ground..Isn't it an annual?? Love the Bunny,,I have a similar smaller one..Spring is stopped by this weekend but leaving again..50's next week with lows in the 20's..We're going to go right to summer, I'm afraid..

  16. Your front plantings are so very elegant. Love them!


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