Friday, April 11, 2014

French Quarter Festival Gala {2014}


I am a tad bit late today {tardy for the pardy}.


Last night, J & I attended the French Quarter Festival’s Opening Night Gala at historic Antoine’s Restaurant on St. Louis Street in the French Quarter. The Quarter was already bustling with throngs of folks.


Antoines 2

We started our evening off with a cocktail at The Pelican Club.



photo 1 (7)

The Gala featured food from many of the city’s finest dining establishments.

An open bar was also a treat. It was a “school night”, so I was not overserved, but I did get to bed past my bedtime. I am quite sluggish today.

ron jeff

Various bands performed to the delight of the crowd. One performance that I was most excited about was New Orleans’ own, Irma Thomas. She was wonderful.

I donned my new seersucker suit again (I love an excuse to wear something new.) but changed the shirt to pink. I also stole my bow tie back from Mr. Rabbit and added another pocket square in a crab motif from NOLA Couture.

photo 5 (3)




It was fun to be in attendance for the start of such a fun NOLA festival.

See you at the fest.

photo 3 (5)

{Register for the Art Mini by Jax by clicking HERE}

photo 2 (1)

FQF, y’all!


  1. Love the ensemble! Sounds like a fabulous Gala!

  2. Love the PINK! You both look fabulous. What a fun event!

  3. Hi Ron, I was wondering why I haven't seen a post from you. I am not getting your feeds.
    The gala looks like fun and you and Jay are all decked out so fabulously. Love the suit and the bow tie
    you borrowed from Mr. Rabbit. xo

  4. That suit is a winner! Love it with the pink as well. What a fantastic event. We are experiencing gorgeous weather here, minus the ungodly pollen. I have been painting, planting and whining (pinot nior) in that order! LOL TGIF!!!

  5. You and J look great!! Sounds like a fun evening!

  6. Looking good Ron! You two know how to get around and party! The gala event sounds like fun :-)

  7. i bet you and J were the best dressed and best looking party guests...still loving that suit! my son and DIL and a group of their friends usually take a long weekend in NO in April but this year he turns 40 (!) in July and wants to celebrate there

  8. Yes, you were "tardy" with this post since I'm just seeing it this morning! You know my coffee tawk is not the same without your blog in the morning. Loving you looking so dapper in your seersucker suit, Ron "Gatsby"! Have a great day. xoxo

  9. You two look fine! Glad you had a great evening ~


  10. This post is a bit old but I'm looking at attending the FQ Fest Antoine's Gala 2016. Can you recommend it?


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