Monday, April 14, 2014

The Weekend That Was {April 12-13}


I can honestly say that the weather this weekend was absolutely perfect for such a busy, fun-filled weekend. I am so excited that you are liking my Monday morning recaps of my weekends.

On Saturday, J & I headed to the French Quarter for the annual French Quarter Fest, one of the largest free festivals in the United States.


We had lunch at our fave, Mr. B’s Bistro on Royal Street.

Mr. Bs

J & I ran into Cissy Blakeman Beaudean, an “old” friend from my hometown of Thibodaux. I love running into folks from back home. It was nice to meet her hubby too.


After lunch, J & I met our Atlanta friends for the infamous “one drink” at the Carousel Bar at Hotel Monteleone across the street.


photo 1 (8)

photo 2 (7)

photo 4 (4)

photo 5 (4)


I may have discovered a new favorite cocktail, the French 007--- Grey Goose La Poire, Pama Pomegranante Liquor, Champagne. I had three or four of them, and they are really delicious. One drink? Yeah right!

French 007

After a couple hours, we made it out to Jackson Square to meet more friends, sat on the ground, and enjoyed the sounds of jazz coming from the Capitol One stage. What a gorgeous day!


black & white

the gang








photo 2 (8)

I love coffee tawk on Sunday morns. Do you like my newest mug from C. Wonder?

coffee tawk

Yesterday, I hosted my Atlanta friends for drinks prior to lunch. I served Bloody Marys and mimosas. Check out the bar I set up for my guests.

Bloody bar

BM bar




Photos with friends are a must!



Thanks friends for the beautiful Spring blooms.



We all then walked to my neighborhood fave, La Petite Grocery. All were impressed.




We started off with Bloody Marys {The Big Red Hammer---House-Made Bloody Mary Mix, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Poached Shrimp, Blue Crab Claws, and House Pickled Vegetables served in a Mason Jar with a Fork} and mimosas.



Check out the The Big Red Hammer Bloody Mary. It is a lunch itself in a cute mason jar.

bloody mary

The blue crab beignets were a mega-hit.


I never leave La Petite without dining on the LPG cheeseburger. WOW!



la petite

After lunch the boys walked down to St. Charles Avenue to catch a streetcar and head back to the Quarter. They are headed home this evening.

It was a great weekend catching up with good friends.

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photo 2 (1)

Fun with Friends, y’all!


  1. Looks like a great weekend! It was perfect weather for the FQF. Love those blue crabs beignets at LPG, and you can't go wrong with the LPG hamburger. Have a great day! xoxo

  2. You have been a busy boy this weekend! Now, you'll need to go to work so you can get some rest!

  3. What a fab weekend! Drinks and good eats with friends...doesn't get any better than that. And, it is only 9:44 here and I am starving after looking at all that yummy food.

  4. WOW, Ron. You had some fun. I want to be you when I come in another life. Hugs, Barbara Sue

  5. What a great weekend, great drinks, great food, great music and wonderful friends! Love that Big Red Hammer Bloody! Now have a restful week!


  6. What fun! I'm tired just reading all you do on the weekend. Wanna trade with me? A weekend at the ballpark and usually the only liquor I get is the tailgates in the parking lot!! LOL!

  7. it was a fantastic time…I am in love with the art minis by Jax..I want to start collecting them NOW!! After being there this past weekend my favorite would be of course The Carousel Bar.Cafe du Monde and of course Le Petite Grocery. However it would be a honor to have any one of them hang in my house.

  8. Cheers-looks like you had a great time with your friends, Ron. I love how much fun you guys have....and that you love and are so loved back! If I drank as many cocktails as you do I would be in rehab somewhere-lol I have a VERY low alcohol tolerance---which made me a cheap date....and don't even go there about the cheap date comment. Later- Cheers! xo Diana

  9. It sounds like you had quite a cheer-filled week-end! Do you ever wish to have an extra day before returning to work to gain some extra rest?

  10. Looks like fun times in the Big Easy.
    FYI, your post shows on my sidebar blog roll.

  11. Wow, that bloody mary looks DELICIOUS!!!

  12. How in the hell do you pronounce your hometown? Haha I literally looked at it for like a minute trying to sound it out.
    Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I'll never endorse a seafood garnish on a drink, but in Ohio we don't exactly have A+ seafood. "One drink". Ha!

  13. That sounds like the perfect weekend, Ron!!! The 007 is quite intriguing - I will have to try that. I had something called at Hot Tub this weekend that had a champagne floater, it was delicious (despite the cheesy name!) Your bloody mary bar is fab, all your culinary delights have me starving, and I love all the photos with your friends, enjoying life!

  14. You have way too much fun down there! I'm so jealous of your summer like weather- we won't talk about the 2" of snow that we just got- oh wait I said I wouldn't talk about it! The bar set up looks fabulous- my Dan would be first up for a bloody mary! I'm probably the designated driver since I usually only have one drink! Thanks for sharing- I can live in the south vicariously through you!

  15. Now, that's the way to do brunch....those bloody Mary's look scrumptious! Good friends...good times! ;)

  16. Looks like a busy fun weekend, and the weather was definitely gorgeous!! And to think that we are to have frost tonight??!! The seafood in your photo is killing this allergic-to-shellfish girl! Oh how I miss shrimp.

  17. OMGee!! Your bar set up looks divine and the food and drinks at the restaurant have me starving. Those bloody marys with the veggies & shrimp definitely have my name on them! I love all the things you guys do and that you take so many photos ~ wonderful memories!



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