Wednesday, May 7, 2014

French-style Sconces


I have been in awe of these French Country Chateau crystal sconce fixtures ever since I spotted them on a jaunt to DOP Antiques a while ago. I showed you the sconces in an earlier post.

Last weekend when J and I were out and about, we were in the area, so we stopped at DOP Antiques to see if the larger sconces were still available.

photo 3 (48)

Low and behold, they were still there and reduced. I have researched these for months and I have found the pair for over $600.00 on Indeed Decor and on ebay. Though I love them, that is way too much to pay.

I am using them non-electrified for now, but each has the possibility to be rewired for electrical use. I bet the illumination is spectacular.

photo 1 (60)

I always longed for the sconces for use behind the sofa in the parlor. I simply rearranged the crest prints and antler trophies. I also removed the magnolia wreath.

photo 2 (59)

The crest pictures now go upwards towards the ceiling. I like the way the six prints accentuate the 14’ ceiling height of the room.

photo 4 (45)

photo 1 (62)

Each sconce was positioned on each side of the prints. I love the look. It looks vintage yet refined.

photo 3 (49)

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photo 3 (36)

Frenchy sconces, y’all!


  1. The French sconces are beautiful! I would love to see them illuminated, too. That wall is one classy wall--love it! Have a great day! xoxo

  2. These sconces have found their perfect home! Love the entire wall.

  3. You do find the most fabulous items. These scones are gorgeous! Of course, they are French!


  4. Beautiful! Love it all! I love the 3rd picture showing the oyster mirror and antlers by the door. I think it's all the textures that I love. I swear if I were in your house I would just sit and stare at everything...over and over!

  5. Beautiful! I love it all! I like the 3rd picture showing your oyster mirror and antlers by the door. I think it's all the textures that I love. I swear if I were in your home I would just sit and stare at everything...over and over.

  6. The French sconces are absolutely gorgeous! They are in the perfect location! Love your style!

  7. The French sconces are gorgeous! They are in a perfect location! You have such a classy style!!! Love it!!!

  8. Adore the sconces. And yes, I bet they are spectacular illuminated. A thought...are the back open or accessible? We got the coolest battery operated candles at PB that have a timer. They come on at the same time each night and are lit for 5-6 hours. Wondered if you could put some inside for the time being.

  9. I am green with envy!!!!!!!!! Love Lauren's idea for the battery operated candles! Mother found them with a coupon at Kohl's too!

  10. Oh I'm so jealous! I love those!!! They are beautiful. Glad that you finally found a pair within your budget. They look great in your front living room area.

  11. These are gorgeous and look fabulous where you placed them. I would love a pair to put in every room in my house lol! xoKathleen

  12. Oh! I love them, Ron! So beautiful! Perfect arrangement for them!

  13. Wow, those are fabulous! I like the new arrangement- great job!

  14. Hi Ron, love the sconces, look great!! Just a suggestion, I had something similar, not sure if your sconces open, but I put a small, I believe they're called Dot lights or puck lights that I got at Lowe's for about $10, to illuminate them from behind. Works wonderfully, can be tapped on and off. I found Lowe's has lots of small lighting devices without having to wire. Kay


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