Wednesday, May 14, 2014

From the Gulf to the Lake


Last week, my science students were busy on the beach and on the Lake. I shared with you  my 6th grade students who were tasked with planting over 400 bitter panicum plants at Grand Isle State Park. The purpose of the Coastal Roots program is to provide awareness and encourage saving our shores. They were not alone in helping the cause.



The 7th graders also took part in water quality exercises on Lake Ponchartrain. A donor’s yacht was the perfect vessel to take us around various spots on the Lake to collect samples. Water samples were tested for salinity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, turbidity, and coliform bacteria. The samples were tested and the results were shared with the Lake Ponchartrain Basin Foundation.





It is so awesome that the students have such access to our waters and beaches to get a first hand look at how important they were to our ancestors and are to future generations.

Hands-on access is how our students learn. They are quite fortunate to be educated in such this way.


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The Gulf & the Lake, y’all!


  1. I know your students love doing the hands on learning--what student wouldn't want to be at the beach or on the lake instead of inside the walls of the school! You are such an awesome teacher, and I know when they look back on their middle schools years, they will remember those experiences and Mr. Ron or Mr. Carrier fondly! Have a great day! xoxo

  2. It is such a great thing for kids to learn how to give back to the planet!!

  3. What a fabulous trip for the students. Love that they get to be hands-on! I think it is wonderful that they are giving back to the community that they live in.

  4. Truly an extraordinary learning experience! Your students are very fortunate.

  5. Cheers to Ron, what an amazing trip for the kids and a great way to help save our lakes ;-) truly wonderful ;-)


  6. What a great field trip, Ron! This is an experience that the kids will treasure for a lifetime!

  7. You are one brave teacher to take kids out on a boat but I bet they loved it!! Great job!

  8. What a great program for your students...I'm sure they will always remember the fieldtrip and the awesome teacher they went with :o)

  9. What a wonderful field trip, Ron. Most kids never get to do this kind of thing in a school setting. I hope the kids realize how lucky they are to have you for a teacher- xo Diana

  10. Such a great learning project they will never forget! I'm guessing you are at a private school because our public schools have made a ridiculous rule that no student is ever allowed to be on any watercraft at all. It even applied to the high schoolers who were marching in a Disney Parade - they weren't allowed to take the water taxi or any boat rides. Common sense has evaporated.

  11. Your students really are lucky to get the opportunity to go out on a boat and get to test those waters like that. How fun! I certainly never got to go on a field trip like that before. I bet it's fun teaching science that way too.

  12. No life jackets? lol Looks like an amazing time!!!

  13. Great project. Bet the students had a great time and learned a lot.

  14. This is fantastic!! Your students will remember this for years to come. So special!

  15. What a great trip and so fortunate it's in your backyard! Beautiful yacht!

  16. You have some very lucky students! It must feel so good to be such a positive influence in so many lives!
    Cheers! - Shelley

  17. What a wonderful opportunity for the students...wish my kids would've had you for a teacher! ;)

  18. I'm so glad these kids are able to do these things. Seeing and doing are vital to the learning process I think. I know school would have held a lot more interest for me had we had these opportunities. You're doing a great job with them!



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